Marketing You Web Site Part 2 Using Banners Ad And Classified Ads

Using Banners to​ market your web site

Banner advertising is​ on​ just about every web site you​ visit today. Banners are a​ form of​ advertising. This advertising is​ used to​ help pay for the​ site and help make the​ owner money. Regardless of​ the​ type of​ business or​ web site you​ have,​ you​ can use banners to​ help increase your income. the​ advertising revenue generated from banners falls into 3 groups: Pay Per Impression (PPI),​ Pay Per Click (PPC),​ and Pay Per Sale/Lead (PPS).

Pay Per Impression

With PPI banner advertising you​ are paid each time your advertiser's banner is​ shown on​ your web pages. a​ term CPM is​ often used with banner advertising. it​ means cost per thousand,​ which basically means you​ will be paid $x.xx for every 1000 banners displayed to​ the​ visitors of​ your web site This is​ the​ easiest method to​ earn money with as​ every time someone visits your web site you​ get paid. However,​ this is​ not used very much and is​ very easily abused. if​ you​ have a​ 1000 visitors per day and are paid $5 per thousand then you​ make $150 per month. as​ an​ advertiser you​ do NOT want to​ use PPI. it​ would be like paying the​ newspaper or​ phone company money every time they said someone opened the​ newspaper or​ phonebook.

Pay Per Click

With PPC banner,​ you​ are paid more than with PPI but only when the​ visitor actually clicks on​ the​ banner rather then just seeing it. With PPI you​ many be paid $5.00 CPM (per thousand) and with PPC you​ could be paid $5 per click. However,​ not as​ many will click on​ the​ banner. Banner design has a​ lot to​ do with what we call the​ conversion rate. That is​ basically how effective is​ the​ banner. Conversion rates for banners is​ usually less than 1%. a​ very good banner may have a​ 5% conversion rate. Remember that is​ a​ passive income stream. it​ is​ working around the​ clock and requires no work on​ your part. So,​ if​ you​ have 1000 people a​ day coming to​ your web site and you​ have a​ 1% conversion rate with a​ payment of​ 50 cents per click,​ you​ could be earning $150 a​ month just for having the​ banner there. as​ an​ advertiser this is​ a​ little better than PPI. at​ least now the​ visitor is​ on​ your web site and you​ have a​ chance to​ gather information about them and possibly sell them your product or​ service.

Pay Per Sale/Lead

PPS banner advertising using pays the​ highest dollars of​ these three methods,​ but only generates income when the​ advertiser makes a​ sale to​ someone visiting from your web site it​ will have the​ lowest conversion rate of​ the​ three. PPS banners only work well for the​ web site owner if​ the​ advertiser does a​ good job with the​ banner design (creating a​ desire to​ click),​ selling (presenting information),​ and closing (getting the​ sale). None of​ these do you​ control directly. Selecting PPS advertisers for your site should be well thought out. as​ an​ advertiser,​ this is​ the​ preferred type of​ banner advertising.

Where to​ find advertisers

I think the​ best place to​ find people that want to​ place banner ads on​ your site will be the​ affiliate programs. This is​ also a​ good place for you​ to​ advertise that you​ would like to​ place banners on​ others sites as​ well. Read the​ pages carefully. Banners can be expensive if​ you​ don't generate any sales.

If you​ have friends or​ business associates that you​ do business with you​ can ask them if​ they would like to​ place a​ banner on​ your site or​ if​ you​ could place a​ banner on​ theirs. These exchanges become more and more popular as​ your site becomes more popular as​ well.

A new source for banner ads are from the​ major search engines. Google Adwords are probably the​ best known new source for advertising on​ a​ pay per basis. This works both ways. you​ can pay to​ have your ad/banner placed on​ others sites as​ well as​ have other web site ads placed on​ your site. When your ad is​ displayed and someone clicks on​ it​ they will visit your site and you​ pay Google for the​ visit. When you​ allow Google to​ place ads on​ your site and someone clicks the​ ad,​ you​ get paid.

In the​ resource section of​ you​ will find more information on​ using banners to​ market your website.

Using Classified Ads to​ market your web site

Classified ads are just like in​ the​ newspaper. They are small detailed ads that offer your product or​ services and provides a​ contact (your email or​ web site). a​ quick search on​ Yahoo for classified ads will find over 58,​000,​000 entries for sites and people who will either sell or​ place your classified ads on​ their web sites.

Classified ad sites fall into two categories: Free and Paid. Free sites should be avoided. BE CAREFUL... most free classified ad web sites. are farming your email address to​ sell to​ others. you​ will find you​ email box loaded with tons of​ offers and once it​ starts it​ will never stop. Paid classified web sites,​ however,​ can be like having a​ store in​ the​ world’s largest shopping mall for pennies a​ day in​ rent.

One of​ the​ largest classified ads web sites is...eBay. Think about this. For about 30 cents an​ ad (item to​ sell) you​ get listed for one week where over 1 million people a​ day come to​ shop. I have more information on​ eBay and other auction sites under Web Basics.

There are other forms of​ advertising as​ well. One of​ which we discussed before was newsletters. Others include,​ your email signature,​ banner ads,​ ebooks and affiliates. Each are discussed here. Click on​ the​ Marketing Resources to​ review each form of​ advertising.

This is​ part one of​ a​ multi-part series of​ Marketing you​ web site. Please visit us at​ for the​ rest of​ the​ series. in​ the​ next section we will cover marketing you​ web site using email,​ e-books,​ letterhead and magazines. More information on​ marketing,​ website design and other areas of​ Internet Business can be found at​ in​ our resources area.

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