Marketing With Special Reports Its Cheap Effective And Easy

Marketing with Special Reports. It’s Cheap,​ Effective and Easy!
Providing your prospects or​ customers with information products is​ a​ great way to​ provide extra value or​ to​ provide an incentive for them to​ make a​ purchase or​ to​ register for your ezine or​ newsletter. And if​ you​ write a​ report or​ article and provide it​ as​ a​ free download from your web site,​ you​ have no printing or​ delivery costs and you​ can drive traffic to​ your site.
If you​ dont like discounting your products or​ services,​ but are looking for another incentive to​ get customers to​ buy or​ optin to​ your mailing list,​ offering free information as​ a​ special bonus is​ a​ great alternative.
Do you​ have a​ new product or​ service,​ or​ a​ special package or​ pricing that youd like to​ promote? Put the​ link for your free report on​ the​ page of​ your site that promotes that product or​ service. you​ can also market in​ reverse. Include the​ web page link you​ want to​ promote in​ the​ signature on​ your free report. Send prospects or​ customers to​ your web site for more information on​ the​ report topic.
Or position your product or​ service as​ a​ great solution to​ a​ problem your report addresses. Just be sure your report includes plenty of​ good content. you​ dont want your prospects or​ customers to​ be upset when they take the​ time to​ download and read your report,​ only to​ find out it​ is​ merely an ad for your services. Provide good information. Address your customers concerns. Provide tips or​ solutions that will help them with their business,​ their relationships,​ their health and fitness,​ or​ whatever aspect of​ their life your product or​ service addresses.
Think about the​ expertise and experience that you​ have that your customers could learn from. What knowledge do you​ have about your industry that might be helpful? What types of​ questions do you​ hear from customers and prospects most often? Answer them in​ a​ free report. What do they have trouble with?
Help them with it​ through a​ howto article. if​ you​ work in​ a​ businesstobusiness field,​ can you​ provide a​ checklist of​ what to​ look for or​ look out for when comparing products or​ service providers in​ your category?
Be creative. Write about what you​ know. And,​ what you​ know will help your customers.
10 Ideas For Creating a​ Special Report
Special Reports can cover any number of​ topics. Following are 10 ideas you​ may want to​ consider.

1 HowTo Articles. These could be howtobuy,​ or​ howtodo something related to​ your product or​ service.
2 Special Reports. Write an article on​ a​ topic related to​ your business that you​ know a​ lot about.
3 Customer or​ Industry Survey Results. Conduct an informal customer survey and publish the​ results,​ or​ report on​ results of​ an industry survey.
4 What to​ Look For reports. Provide your customers or​ prospects tips on​ what to​ look for before making a​ purchase in​ your product category.
5 What to​ Look Out For reports. Provide tips on​ things to​ watch out for when shopping or​ comparing products or​ services in​ your industry.
6 Shopping Checklists. Provide a​ checklist your prospects can use when comparing products or​ service providers.
7 Top 10 Problems or​ Mistakes. Provide a​ list of​ the​ top 10 problems consumers face with regard to​ your product or​ service category.
8 Top 10 Ideas or​ Solutions. Provide solutions to​ those problems!
9 Quizzes and Inventories. Create a​ quiz or​ an inventory consumers can take to​ evaluate their knowledge or​ fit for a​ product or​ service.
10 10 Most Common Questions. Present a​ list of​ questions you​ hear most often in​ your industry,​ and provide answers to​ those questions.
Want to​ use special reports to​ market your product or​ service,​ but you’re not much of​ a​ writer?
You have two choices.
1 you​ can hire someone else to​ write for you.
2 or​ you​ can learn how to​ write. My suggestion is​ that you​ learn how to​ write. Writing is​ a​ skill that can be learned. And if​ you​ are writing about an area that you​ have expertise in,​ you​ are the​ best person to​ share that information with your prospects and customers. Take a​ writing class at​ your local community college or​ adult school. Learn the​ basics of​ good grammar and then write,​ write,​ and write some more. Practice,​ practice,​ and practice some more. the​ more you​ write,​ the​ better you​ will become.

Register for and read free newsletters,​ ezines and reports so you​ can get a​ feel for how they are written. There is​ so much information available via the​ web; take advantage of​ it. Until you​ perfect your writing skills,​ always have someone else proofread and edit what you​ have written.
They will catch things that you​ miss. They will tell you​ if​ something is​ unclear or​ confusing. Its even a​ good idea to​ keep this up once you​ get good. Proofreading and editing your own work is​ difficult. And typos and mistakes dont reflect well on​ you​ or​ your business.
So if​ necessary,​ hire someone to​ do your writing until you​ learn or​ improve your skills. But do acquire the​ skills. Strong writing and communication skills will always benefit you​ in​ business and in​ life,​ so it​ will definitely be time well spent.

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