Marketing With Seo

Marketing With Seo

MLM Marketing with SEO
MLM is​ complicated enough as​ it​ is​ without adding to​ it​ right? Well unfortunately as​ with a​ lot of​ things these days,​ they get increasingly more complicated without any real reason,​ as​ their popularity increases .​
They start out as​ a​ relatively easy idea,​ then along comes someone who makes it​ more complex than it​ really needs to​ be .​
That seems to​ be the​ case Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing .​
Pay per click means a​ search engine that bases its search rankings on​ a​ bid for position basis.
PPC is​ fast becoming the​ MOST popular form of​ Internet advertising .​
It's the​ major way to​ drive traffic to​ your business site almost instantly .​
unfortunately,​ it's also becoming more and more convoluted and expensive .​
Basically,​ you​ bid a​ price per click to​ be in​ a​ specific position of​ the​ search rankings for a​ particular keyword or​ keyword phrase .​
For example,​ the​ #1 position on​ the​ search phrase pay per click required a​ bid of​ $2.03 per click,​ but the​ 15th position was only a​ bid of​ $0.85 .​
What position you​ want and what you're willing to​ bid to​ get the​ position is​ up to​ YOU!
Your budget and a​ willingness to​ go for a​ higher bid number affects your site's ranking .​
in​ other words,​ the​ higher your bid,​ the​ better you​ ranking when search engine returns are displayed .​
You're not charged the​ PPC bid until someone actually clicks or​ selects your website name or​ URL .​

So,​ if​ you​ want to​ really kick start your site,​ this is​ the​ way to​ do it .​
But remember one thing,​ you​ need to​ stay current .​
you​ can't rest on​ your laurels and just do it​ once - unless of​ course you​ have so much business you​ can hardly stand it .​
There are literally hundreds of​ PPC search engines you​ can buy traffic from .​
Which ones are really worth your time? Here's a​ few to​ get you​ started.
One: Google AdWords - biggest and best for volume,​ traffic quality and user interface .​
Most expensive .​
Two: Yahoo! Search Marketing - First,​ then Overture,​ high volume and quality with a​ few bargains still around .​
$50 credit on​ sign up.
Three: MIVA - One of​ the​ best,​ and under rated PPC search engines .​
$5 credit on​ sign up
Four: Enhance - strong emerging PPC search engine,​ solid quality control .​
$25 bonus on​ sign up
Five: GoClick- Cheap traffic,​ fast growing,​ loyal following,​ lets you​ start an​ account with only $10 and bid from one cent.

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