Marketing With RSS Feeds Creating A Direct Link To Your Customers

Marketing With RSS Feeds Creating A Direct Link To Your Customers

What’s an​ RSS feed?

Due to​ the​ overwhelming amount of​ spam on​ the​ internet,​ many users are turning from traditional newsletter subscriptions to​ RSS feeds to​ get their information. RSS is​ Really Simple Syndication. Besides connecting you​ directly to​ your customers,​ feeds are advantageous for several reasons:

• They update automatically. Anytime you​ publish a​ new article or​ blog,​ your readers receive it​ with no effort on​ their part,​ or​ yours.

• Unlike an​ email campaign,​ they don’t force you​ to​ contend with costly black lists and spam filters.

• They’re a​ 100% opt-in marketing tool. Your documents are transmitted in​ a​ mark-up language that requires your subscribers to​ download a​ reader,​ like Bloglines or​ FeedDemon,​ to​ translate them. So all your subscribers really want the​ information you’re providing.

Where is​ This Going?—The Future of​ RSS

Bill Flitter,​ founder of​ RSS analytics engine,​ suggests,​ in​ the​ near future,​ feeds will become much simpler and more user-friendly. Says Flitter,​ “Once RSS becomes a​ little bit easier,​ I think we’ll see a​ huge surge in​ its use.” Firefox and Safari are already RSS-enabled,​ and Internet Explorer and Outlook will be soon.

Expect to​ see individualized RSS feeds gain popularity—customized feeds where a​ user can choose what kind of​ content comes through to​ them. Flitter projects,​ “I think we’ll see…individual subscriptions increase so you​ can send information that’s more relevant to​ that end user… like Tivo for the​ web.”

Another likely change is​ that news readers will allow you​ to​ customize the​ look of​ your feed,​ rather than translating every one alike. You’ll be able to​ brand your feed,​ change its style,​ and differentiate it​ from every other feed so your customers can recognize it​ easily.

How Can I Use RSS for My EBiz?

Use feeds to​ send newsletters,​ product promos,​ blogs,​ and special offers. you​ can create your content using any blog platform—Type Pad,​ Word Press,​ Movable Type. They all generate RSS feeds—your only job is​ choosing the​ content. the​ important thing is​ to​ keep your content fresh and relevant to​ your audience,​ because with one click they can unsubscribe. Try to​ balance generating sales with sharing interesting info and useful tips.

Marketing With RSS Feeds Creating A Direct Link To Your Customers

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