Marketing A Virtual Assistant Business Tips You Can Start Using Today

Marketing a​ Virtual Assistant Business: Tips you​ Can Start Using Today
Marketing a​ Virtual Assistant Business is​ crucial to​ your success whether it's through networking,​ word of​ mouth,​ or​ other methods .​
There are several ways to​ market your Virtual Assistant Business,​ but we are going to​ discuss some of​ the​ common methods.
1) Networking
Many Virtual Assisstants (VA) utilize this method and have been very successful in​ growing their businesses .​
By networking with other Virtual Assistants,​ not only are you​ building relationships,​ you're also building possible partnerships .​
The majority of​ Virtual Assistants subcontract out work to​ other VAs that they know and trust.
Building genuine relationships can have a​ two fold effect .​
One is​ that you​ have gained a​ friend who you​ can exchange problems,​ business advice,​ and successes with .​
The other is​ that they will be more willing to​ subcontract work to​ you,​ and this can help you​ to​ build your business and portfolio.
Forums and messages boards are another great opportunity to​ network with others,​ not just other VAs .​
There are many forums and message boards that are just for VAs,​ but don't just limit yourself to​ these .​
Visit specialty or​ niche forums and message boards where your potential target market may hang out .​
This provides you​ with more opportunities to​ build relationships with potential clients .​
Plug in​ your services when possible,​ but don't over do it.
Some VAs have found success by networking at​ their local Chamber of​ Commerce .​
This is​ something worthwhile to​ look into.
2) Word of​ Mouth
Word of​ mouth is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ get new clients .​
By providing outstanding service to​ your current clients,​ they will have no problem referring you​ to​ their friends and business connections.
3) Press Releases
Press Releases are an​ excellent way to​ get your name out there .​
Press releases are basically a​ newsworthy story about your business that you​ submit to​ the​ media,​ radio,​ etc .​
They're a​ wonderful way to​ get publicity for your business at​ little to​ no cost.
4) Search Engine Marketing
Have you​ ever seen the​ little ads under Sponser Links to​ the​ right of​ your computer screen when you​ do a​ search on​ These are ads paid by people like you​ and I,​ to​ advertise our businesses .​
They are called Google Adwords .​
You pay X amount of​ money everytime someone clicks on​ your ad .​
Google allows you​ to​ choose the​ amount you​ want to​ pay per click and set a​ budget.
Yahoo,​ MSN,​ and other search engines offer similar services.
5) Search Engine Optimization
Optimizing your web pages so that search engines like Google,​ Yahoo,​ and MSN can find you,​ can increase the​ chances of​ prospective clients finding you​ on​ the​ worldwide web .​
This is​ extremely important as​ the​ Virtual Assistance Industry becomes more well known .​
You can easily learn to​ do this yourself.
6) Advertise on​ Your Car
I'm sure you​ have been driving somewhere and noticed a​ car with an​ advertisement on​ it .​
This is​ another avenue you​ can utilize to​ market your Virtual Assistant Business .​
You never know who might be reading it.
7) Email Signature Files
Email signature files are yet another way to​ market your Virtual Assistant Business .​
You can advertise your business each time you​ send,​ reply,​ or​ forward an​ email.
8) Write Articles
Writing articles that are of​ interest to​ your target market is​ another great marketing method .​
You can submit your articles to​ places like,​ and get some great exposure for your business,​ not to​ mention one way links .​
Writing articles is​ not as​ hard as​ you​ may think .​
Don't worry about trying to​ be eloquent .​
Keep it​ simple and make sure to​ proofread and edit it​ carefully before submitting it​ to​ article sites.
9) Offline Marketing
Web decals,​ business cards,​ flyers,​ brochures,​ and networking can all be included in​ offline marketing .​
You can have business cards made today with little or​ no costs .​ is​ a​ perfect example .​
Vista Print offers business cards at​ no cost .​
You simply pay shipping and handling charges .​
You can also make your own business cards and flyers right on​ your computer with the​ right desktop publishing software.
I hope you​ can put to​ use some of​ these methods to​ start marketing your Virtual Assistant Business.

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