Marketing To A Specific Customer Segment

One of​ the​ things you​ learn in​ marketing is​ that you​ need to​ focus your marketing efforts to​ certain customer segments or​ a​ niches. the​ ¡°newest¡± marketing thing is​ to​ customise your marketing efforts and products or​ services. Instead of​ broadcasting you​ narrow cast and instead off mass production you​ produce on​ demand. Obviously,​ this is​ being done for a​ reason. Was customisation almost impossible before,​ now due to​ technological advances we are able to​ apply it. Also,​ our customers are becoming more demanding. you​ cannot use the​ strategy ¡°one size fits all¡± anymore. it​ just won¡¯t be accepted,​ and not only by the​ rich and famous.

The same applies for e-based Home Businesses. the​ business owners with a​ feeling for marketing already apply this to,​ for instance,​ their website. They add to​ their website a​ personal note,​ a​ video message and have a​ different lay-out. the​ message they want to​ bring across may attract only certain people,​ but for others their message won¡¯t work. the​ secret is​ that you​ shouldn¡¯t try to​ be everything to​ everybody. the​ moment you​ try this you​ will become mediocre and won¡¯t attract anybody.

Why we still see so many similar websites and e-mail messages is​ surprising. For sure this has to​ do with the​ explosion in​ Home Businesses and that it​ is​ a​ fairly new phenomenon. Also the​ fact that many start their Home Business with everything already in​ place,​ from the​ website to​ the​ newsletter,​ does not motivate people to​ think about it​ and be different. With ever more people joining the​ Home Business the​ ones who really want to​ become successful need to​ start thinking about niche marketing,​ being different than others and personalising their approach. This means a​ lot more work and a​ smart,​ well-thought out approach. the​ ¡°good ol¡¯ days¡± of​ mass-production and broad casting are over. We need to​ start knowing our audience.

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