Marketing To Marketers

Marketing to​ other marketers to​ make it​ easier to​ make money is​ great but many of​ the​ buyers never use the​ products and just try to​ pawn them off on​ other marketers. So you​ wind up with all these people selling scripts,​ programs,​ eBooks,​ and more to​ other online marketers and they profess how great they are without ever using them. They are just trying to​ make a​ buck as​ an​ affiliate of​ someone else's idea.

I am all for new marketing ideas especially the​ ones that automate tedious tasks. I love submitting articles and use an​ auto submitter. RSS feeds provide news to​ my sites. Automatically creating links to​ Clickbank items based on​ keywords in​ my blogs is​ a​ godsend.

But,​ to​ me,​ if​ people don’t use these products and just pimp them to​ others,​ they are missing out on​ the​ long term benefits for a​ quick buck.

I admit that I have done this in​ the​ past and may do it​ again in​ the​ future – but – I only sell products that I actually use and approve. That way I can actually vouch for them since I have used them and can speak from personal experience.

Personally,​ I prefer to​ market to​ the​ average Internet Joe. I market to​ people who are looking for a​ deal on​ a​ credit card (and I use a​ super script to​ keep my site current). I recommend hotels in​ Thailand and can speak from first-hand experience. I post links to​ hotels in​ Thailand forums and also have 6 Thai affiliate hotel sites.

I also write articles about Thailand and list my hotel affiliate links in​ the​ author's resource box. These are pretty easy to​ write since I have been traveling to​ Thailand for over 30 years.

I also write the​ occasional marketing or​ credit article to​ get some traffic to​ those sites. I have about 10 article sites and advertise on​ those sites that others submit their articles to.

I would rather make a​ few bucks marketing a​ product to​ people who are actually going to​ use it​ instead of​ marketing to​ someone who is​ only going to​ try to​ sell it​ to​ someone else.

All of​ this is​ just my personal opinion. There is​ nothing morally wrong or​ illegal of​ marketing to​ marketers. I use many of​ the​ items that are up for sale,​ especially those that make my life a​ little bit easier.

The one thing that I do object to​ is​ the​ folks that market to​ others and make false or​ misleading statements indicating that they use the​ product and how wonderful it​ is​ when they have never used it​ and just want to​ make a​ buck.

Anyhow,​ keep coming up with all those great products that marketers can use to​ make our lives easier. Just market them honestly.

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