Marketing Strategies 3 Mistakes To Watch Out For When Asked So What Do You Do

Marketing Strategies 3 Mistakes To Watch Out For When Asked So What Do
You Do

Marketing Strategies: 3 Mistakes to​ Watch Out For When Asked,​ So What Do you​ Do?
OK,​ so you’re standing in​ line in​ the​ supermarket,​ or​ you’re in​ an​ elevator,​ or​ you’re at​ a​ party,​ or​ you’re in​ a​ networking group .​
Sooner or​ later,​ someone is​ going to​ say to​ you,​ So what do you​ do? .​
This is​ what you​ want,​ free publicity so to​ speak .​
However,​ how you​ handle this question could determine whether this person becomes a​ prospective client,​ a​ prospective referral source or​ just walks away.
This article exposes the​ 3 mistakes you​ could be making and why they don’t work .​
Then you’ll discover the​ ideal answer and understand why it’s important to​ use it.
Here are 3 common answers:
Mistake #1 you​ say to​ little
You say something like,​ my name is​ Jane Doe and I’m with _______________________ Real Estate Company .​
And then you​ smile hoping the​ other person will ask you​ a​ question .​
Probably they won’t .​
This is​ a​ mistake because you​ have made a​ short statement that doesn’t engage the​ other person’s attention .​
It doesn’t invite questioning .​
The other person may politely say what they do to​ fill in​ the​ awkward silence or​ they may excuse themselves in​ some socially graceful way.
Mistake #2 you​ say too much and ask for the​ business
You say something like ,​ My name is​ Jane Doe .​
I​ work for ____________________________Real Estate Company and I​ specialize in​ country homes .​
I​ love the​ country and I​ love to​ show country property .​
It feels so good to​ get outdoors,​ breathe the​ fresh air and help someone find a​ home they love in​ the​ country .​
So who do you​ know who is​ seeking to​ buy or​ sell a​ country home?.
This is​ a​ mistake because you​ said too much about yourself,​ you​ did not ask a​ question that would engage the​ other person’s attention and it’s way too early to​ ask for the​ business .​
You should be cultivating a​ relationship with that person .​
Remember,​ people do business with you​ when they know,​ like and trust you​ .​
With someone you​ just met,​ you’re still in​ the​ getting to​ know each other stage .​
The most you​ should ask for is​ their business card and give them yours .​
If you​ have a​ connection with that person and would like to​ contact them in​ the​ future,​ you​ might consider adding them to​ your Sphere of​ Influence and sending them an​ Item of​ Value once a​ month.
Mistake #3 you​ talk on​ and on​ about yourself and your career
I know this may sound hard to​ believe but you’d be amazed at​ the​ things people say when they are nervous and trying to​ make small talk .​
So someone says,​ So what do you​ do? and you​ answer,​ My name is​ Jane Doe and I’m with ___________________________ Real Estate Company .​
I​ have been with them for 5 years .​
It’s a​ great company .​
All the​ people there are so friendly and helpful .​
I​ am so glad I​ chose real estate .​
I​ love the​ flexible hours and the​ income potential .​
This really beats my corporate job and....
This is​ a​ mistake because it’s all about you​ .​
Not only that but the​ only things you’re promoting here are (1) the​ nice atmosphere of​ your office and (2) what a​ great career real estate is​ .​
If you​ keep going you​ might talk the​ other person into becoming a​ real estate agent but they won’t be a​ prospective client or​ referral source.
So,​ what should you​ say?
In my 10 years of​ specializing in​ coaching real estate agents in​ doubling their incomes I​ have found one amazing answer that does wonders and I’m about to​ let you​ in​ on​ that secret.
Here’s the​ scoop .​
When the​ other person,​ asks ,​ So what do you​ do? ,​ you​ need to​ ask them a​ question to​ engage them .​
The question is​ ,​ Well,​ you​ know when people are buying or​ selling a​ home how nervous and stressed out they can get? Pause and let the​ other person respond with a​ yes .​
Then you​ say,​ Well I​ take care of​ all the​ details and paper work,​ I​ hold their hand through the​ process and make the​ whole thing a​ relaxing,​ enjoyable experience for my client .​
My name is​ Jane Doe,​ and I’m a​ real estate agent with _______________________company.
Now,​ what do you​ think you’d feel or​ think if​ you​ heard that? Most likey you’d want to​ do business with that person .​
Why? There are 3 reasons:
1 .​
They didn’t talk about themselves.
2 .​
They showed that they have a​ thorough understanding of​ the​ issues and problems people face when buying or​ selling a​ home.
3 .​
They provided specific solutions to​ the​ client’s problems.
When you​ give this kind of​ answer there are a​ lot of​ benefits .​
Can you​ guess what they are? the​ other person will be genuinely interested because you’ve engaged them .​
The other person will begin to​ trust you​ because you​ put the​ client’s needs before your own .​
Finally,​ you​ answered in​ a​ unique way and that sets you​ apart from the​ crowd .​
So the​ next time the​ person has a​ real estate question,​ they are going to​ call you​ because you​ have demonstrated that you​ care.
With those kind of​ benefits wouldn’t you​ want to​ use this answer,​ memorize every word and have it​ roll off your tongue the​ next time someone says,​ So what do you​ do? you​ bet you​ would .​
Just watch your income increase.

Marketing Strategies 3 Mistakes To Watch Out For When Asked So What Do
You Do

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