Marketing Power Of RSS Content Syndication

Marketing Power Of RSS Content Syndication

RSS content syndication is​ relatively new legitimate practice in​ the​ world of​ search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing professionals specializing in​ SEO techniques are beginning to​ recognize the​ value of​ RSS content syndication however,​ and it​ seems that the​ more popular this technique becomes the​ more effective the​ results.

The value of​ RSS content syndication lies in​ the​ links contained within the​ content. This is​ because the​ big search engines like Google and Yahoo! pay a​ whole lot more attention to​ incoming links to​ a​ website than they did in​ the​ past. We’ll get to​ content a​ little later,​ because it​ still counts,​ but it​ is​ so important to​ understand why syndicating content to​ RSS feeds across the​ web may make you​ more money and cost you​ LESS!

RSS feeds are appearing on​ websites across the​ internet in​ order to​ keep people up to​ date with the​ latest news or​ information on​ a​ particular topic quickly. And we all know that users expect quality content,​ but even more so they expect that content to​ appear immediately! And,​ they want to​ see the​ content. They do not want to​ look for the​ content. They do not want to​ link to​ the​ content. They want the​ content to​ jump off of​ the​ screen and into their brains in​ 10 seconds or​ less!

Perhaps this is​ why Really Simple Syndication,​ or​ RSS,​ came about in​ the​ first place. It’s great news for web site owners too,​ however. Taking advantage of​ the​ huge variety and sheer number of​ RSS feeds that accept submissions from other websites provides a​ very cheap and simple way to​ develop more web site traffic and higher income.

Did I mention cheap? a​ minimal amount of​ time invested will allow you​ to​ not only provide a​ way for your loyal visitors to​ stay aware of​ your newest updates,​ but also to​ expand the​ awareness of​ the​ world about your services or​ products. I did mention cheap,​ right? Well,​ RSS content and article syndication allows you​ to​ spend some time preparing content in​ the​ standard XML RSS format and then to​ make it​ available to​ many free RSS feeds across the​ world.

If you​ have ever spent a​ large amount of​ money on​ an​ online marketing program – you​ already know the​ drawbacks of​ traditional internet marketing. Mass emails are no longer effective due to​ the​ increasing power of​ spam filters. Directory listing services are finding that their clients are removing their links due to​ retribution by the​ major search engine algorithms. And,​ Pay Per Click… well it’s just really expensive if​ you​ intend to​ see real results.

With RSS syndication,​ you​ are never going to​ face any of​ these issues. if​ you​ can write an​ html file for your website,​ you​ can syndicate your own RSS content. the​ basic process is​ quite simple to​ master,​ and as​ you​ become more familiar your skills will expand quickly as​ well.

What’s even better news for web site owners? the​ major search engines are not only approving of​ RSS syndication,​ they are providing RSS feeds open for submission in​ a​ huge array of​ topic areas like sports,​ entertainment,​ world news,​ travel,​ health and technology. There is​ a​ topic for every web site owner willing to​ put in​ a​ little effort! And people use their sites already,​ so what a​ better place to​ syndicate your content?

When you​ place content in​ an​ RSS feed,​ a​ link appears to​ your web site. This is​ noticed by the​ major search engines,​ and helps to​ increase your link popularity among the​ search engines. Link popularity will potentially move your site up in​ the​ search engine results pages (SERPS). Combine these two facts,​ and you​ will see that no matter how you​ look at​ it,​ RSS syndication will get you​ more traffic.

It doesn’t really matter whether your additional visitors found you​ through an​ RSS feed,​ or​ if​ your visibility and increased link popularity allowed them to​ find you​ through a​ major search engine! Think about that,​ and you​ are sure to​ see the​ true benefit of​ RSS content.

There’s that word again… “Content.” RSS content is​ different from what you​ might normally expect in​ an​ SEO campaign. the​ reason that most web sites containing RSS feeds put them there in​ the​ first place is​ to​ provide extra information for their visitors.

Think about it,​ if​ you​ publish a​ web site geared towards it​ professionals you​ might be providing content that is​ of​ a​ fairly specific nature. you​ may be giving information,​ tutorials or​ even advertising for a​ certain software package. Although this information is​ important to​ a​ large majority of​ the​ visitors who click on​ your link,​ some visitors may be more interested in​ a​ different area of​ the​ it​ field.

Providing an​ RSS feed that displays the​ latest in​ the​ world of​ it​ news may be a​ great answer. if​ the​ information found in​ your RSS feed is​ quality and relative to​ your visitors’ interests,​ they will bookmark your site. Then they will COME BACK!

But what does that mean to​ you​ as​ the​ RSS syndicated content provider? it​ means that you​ will need to​ produce quality content – because it’s your content that keeps the​ users coming back to​ the​ original site. as​ long as​ your content is​ quality,​ and you​ remain a​ part of​ that RSS feed,​ you​ will see increased new and return visitors.

And generating traffic is​ the​ largest goal of​ an​ SEO campaign,​ so why wouldn’t you​ want to​ syndicate quality content for RSS feeds? This simple and inexpensive method of​ marketing your website is​ gaining popularity,​ and becoming visible now as​ a​ content provider will only mean greater returns in​ the​ future.

Marketing Power Of RSS Content Syndication

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