Marketing On Craigslist 101

Marketing On Craigslist 101

Since its launch in​ 1995 has quietly become the​ largest online classifieds website in​ the​ world with a​ regional presence in​ 190 cities,​ across 35 countries. Each month over 10 million people log on​ to​ the​ seventh most popular website to​ buy and sell just about everything. From real estate to​ furniture,​ promoting services such as​ contracting,​ house cleaning and even babysitting – Craigslist is​ the​ one spot where anyone can connect regionally to​ fill a​ need.

As its popularity has continued to​ increase,​ so have the​ possibilities for vendors large and small to​ market their wares on​ Craigslist. What’s the​ big attraction? For the​ most part Craigslist is​ 100% free to​ post and search. Only do job postings in​ San Francisco,​ L.A and New York City cost a​ small fee to​ post. Otherwise,​ Craigslist is​ an​ open free source for new targeted customers,​ ripe for the​ picking,​ just waiting for your business to​ give them what they want.

Craigslist is​ regionally based website that truly promotes community involvement. However,​ you​ can post in​ any of​ the​ available metros and multiple metros as​ well. the​ trick is​ in​ designing an​ ad that gets people attention,​ getting on​ a​ regular posting schedule,​ following the​ rules (or at​ least not overtly breaking them) and searching for new customers daily.

Simplicity in​ ad design is​ paramount and it​ matches the​ vibe that Craigslist likes to​ attract – peer-to-peer,​ real human interaction. it​ lacks the​ commercial aspects that add fluff and confusion in​ exchange for simple ads,​ most posted by real folks. Design your ad to​ fit into that scheme is​ key to​ a​ successful campaign.

Get into the​ habit of​ posting often on​ Craigslist and hit multiple metros with different ads to​ get more reach (if you​ business can support it). It’s free to​ post so what do you​ have to​ lose!

Understanding Craigslist rules are fairly simple as​ they are openly published. They are super picky about what you​ can post,​ but there are exceptions like livestock and anything illegal (drugs,​ guns,​ etc.). One of​ the​ major rules that I see as​ a​ marketing rule more than a​ terms of​ service rule is​ to​ post in​ the​ category that best corresponds with your product type. This ensures your ad will reach the​ best target without adding to​ useless clutter.

Over 8 million people post monthly on​ Craigslist and that number grows every day. Don’t just sit back and post ads,​ answer ads seeking your products and services as​ well.

Craigslist is​ one of​ the​ best ways for every business,​ large and small to​ find a​ new voice online for little more than elbow grease.

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