Marketing Messages With Add Zest Appeal

Marketing Messages with Add Zest & Appeal
Boring is​ one thing you​ cant afford to​ be when it​ comes to​ marketing your business. With more than 3000+ marketing messages pummeling consumers on​ a​ daily basis,​ you​ need to​ be more,​ and do more,​ if​ you​ want to​ be heard above the​ racket.
Your marketing message is​ how you​ communicate with the​ public; it​ needs to​ be appealing and memorable. in​ order to​ do that,​ consider the​ concept of​ the​ meme. a​ meme is​ a​ thought,​ idea or​ belief that replicates over time. What that means in​ terms of​ your marketing is​ creating a​ marketing message that is​ strong,​ bold,​ and exciting so that it​ stays with the​ customer and becomes a​ part of​ their thinking.
A good example of​ this is​ Nikes Just Do It. This phrase is​ used in​ a​ lot of​ different contexts outside of​ talking about Nikes products. People get what it​ means because it​ has permeated our culture. Below are some ways that you​ can avoid being boring by adding extra marketing appeal to​ your message.
1. Add visuals. There are so many ways to​ bring attention to​ your marketing message. One of​ the​ best ways is​ to​ add something visual. as​ a​ picture speaks a​ thousand words,​ so too can it​ communicate all sorts of​ things about you​ and your business. What types of​ pictures or​ graphics would you​ use to​ convey who you​ are? Adding a​ picture of​ yourself on​ your website or​ in​ other marketing materials will help form a​ stronger connection between you​ and potential clients.
2. the​ meaning of​ colors. Colors hold great meaning when it​ comes to​ your marketing message. Yellow elicits high levels of​ attention. Orange and red indicate quickness. the​ concepts of​ money,​ health,​ and nurturing are symbolized by green. Black can mean power and strength,​ but it​ can also indicate hiding or​ blending into the​ background. Purple is​ the​ color of​ royalty and wealth. What types of​ colors are you​ drawn to? What meaning do you​ want to​ convey to​ people by the​ colors you​ use on​ your business cards,​ brochures and even on​ your website. Too many colors are distracting and look chaotic. Certain colors on​ colored backgrounds can cause the​ same reaction. Make sure to​ work with a​ professional when selecting colors so you​ can communicate your business in​ the​ best light.
3. Try technology. Adding audio or​ video to​ your web site is​ a​ great way to​ allow someone to​ get to​ know you​ better. Adding real audio recordings of​ your classes,​ an interview,​ or​ even a​ welcome message gives someone an opportunity to​ hear your voice. Because technology is​ so low priced and easy to​ use nowadays,​ you​ might even consider adding a​ short video as​ well. Again,​ it​ will help to​ develop a​ rapport with your audience. One thing to​ keep in​ mind is​ that while technology is​ great and exciting and can do wonderful things for us,​ not everyone has the​ bandwidth to​ enjoy it​ fully. Over 50% of​ consumers are still using dialup computer access which limits their ability to​ enjoy both real audio and video to​ its fullest.
4. Creative business cards. One great way to​ stand out from the​ crowd is​ to​ develop a​ creative business card. Add your picture to​ it​ or​ a​ professionally designed graphic. Use a​ brochure type card,​ which allows you​ 4 different surfaces to​ print contact information as​ well as​ information about what you​ do. you​ can include quotations,​ a​ minibrochure about your company,​ or​ even some helpful tips or​ a​ short quiz. Think about the​ use of​ colors and type of​ fonts,​ which also can add excitement and pizzazz.
5. Action. When people see or​ read about action,​ they often feel empowered to​ take action themselves. Employing motion on​ your website is​ another way to​ add appeal to​ your marketing message. you​ can have text that changes colors on​ its own,​ or​ graphics that move. you​ might even have a​ marquee. One thing to​ keep in​ mind is​ that motion can also quickly drive people away from your site as​ it​ can be considered obnoxious and childish. Talk to​ a​ web professional before using these techniques. you​ can also imply action by the​ types of​ words you​ use in​ your web copy.
6. Target your audience. a​ qualitymarketing message speaks directly to​ its target audience. Who is​ your target audience? is​ it​ moms,​ singles,​ seniors,​ soloprofessionals? the​ words you​ use to​ communicate with a​ mom are quite different from the​ words you​ would use to​ communicate to​ a​ corporate human resources manager or​ to​ a​ medical doctor. the​ words you​ use must fit your audience. if​ they dont,​ youll have an immediate disconnect with people who read your message.
7. Whats in​ it​ for me? Fundamental to​ all marketing messages must be the​ mantra…Whats in​ it​ for me? the​ only reason anyone is​ even looking at​ your brochure,​ viewing your website or​ reading your business card is​ to​ see what they can possibly gain for themselves. People are busy and are inundated with thousands of​ marketing messages each day. the​ only ones they will pay attention to​ are the​ ones that really speak to​ their needs. They have problems or​ issues they want solved and they are looking for solutions. An appealing marketing message is​ one that speaks to​ the​ typical problems faced by your target audience. Communicating how you​ can solve those problems quickly and cost effectively is​ critical to​ attracting new clients.
8. Ask yes questions. if​ you​ want to​ capture someones attention,​ ask them questions that they can answer yes to. Whether you​ are asking questions on​ a​ website,​ in​ a​ brochure,​ or​ during a​ sales presentation,​ make sure they are worded in​ such a​ way that the​ respondent will answer yes consistently. the​ word yes opens people up to​ accept more feedback,​ whereas the​ word no will quickly close them down. Also,​ create questions that can help the​ reader or​ viewer identify with what youre saying,​ giving them the​ sense that you​ truly do understand their problems or​ issues.
9. Features and benefits. Dont just tell people what you​ do. Instead,​ relate the​ features and benefits of​ what they can experience as​ a​ result of​ doing business with you. a​ feature is​ some aspect of​ the​ product whereas a​ benefit is​ the​ feeling or​ result that someone will experience as​ a​ result of​ that feature. For example,​ a​ hospital unit might feature some of​ the​ latest innovations in​ new baby care and services. the​ benefit to​ the​ new mother will be the​ confidence,​ security,​ and peace of​ mind that she and her baby will be cared for in​ the​ best ways possible.
10. Be unique. Show how you,​ your product,​ or​ services are unique. Not only will that help people to​ remember you,​ it​ will make you​ remarkable. the​ sense of​ being remarkable is​ that people will comment about you​ to​ others. Word of​ mouth advertising is​ some of​ the​ best advertising because it​ costs you​ nothing and it​ comes with a​ testimonial from the​ person who is​ telling others about you. Can you​ relate what you​ do to​ someone in​ history? or​ are you​ the​ first at​ doing something or​ introducing something? Do you​ use unique ingredients in​ your products or​ employ specialized knowledge in​ the​ work you​ do? This type of​ information will make your marketing message not only interesting and memorable,​ but remarkable.

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