Marketing Like A Game Of Chess

Marketing – Like a​ Game of​ Chess
Have you​ started thinking about your Valentines Day Promotion yet?
It may sound like a​ strange question on​ the​ day before Thanksgiving but it​ really isn’t .​
When scheduling your promotions it​ is​ like a​ game of​ chess .​
You should always be thinking at​ least 3 moves ahead .​
In this case each move should be one month .​
Therefore you​ should have been
thinking about your Valentines,​ or​ February promotions as​ you​ fall asleep after your big Turkey dinner.
There are a​ few reasons why you​ need to​ have your promotions figured out that early.
Getting Promo Out Takes Time.
By having it​ all worked out months in​ advance you​ give yourself enough time for the​ logistics .​
Getting the​ concept down,​ getting artwork put together,​ printing,​ and mailing all have to​ be done and this can take several weeks from being an​ idea in​ your head to​ being a​ piece of​ promo in​ your customers hands .​
You are also going to​ want to​ have the​ piece in​ your customers’ hands at​ least 2 weeks before the​ sale or​ event.
Get the​ Message Out Multiple Times.
Getting your promo out early lets you​ drive your message home through repetition .​
Take Christmas for example .​
If you​ start mailing to​ your customers in​ the​ beginning of​ November,​ you​ will be able to​ cement your company name in​ their head because you​ will be able to​ mail to​ them multiple times before they have to​ make their Holiday purchases .​
On the​ other hand if​ you​ start mailing to​ them in​ late November or​ Early December you​ will not have the​ time to​ do multiple mailings .​
Getting one mailing out at​ that stage will still be much better than not sending anything at​ all,​ but nothing works better when promoting than multiple mailings with the​ same message to​ the​ same list.
Free Up Time for Running Your Business.
Most people who own a​ business do their own marketing .​
Thankfully marketing is​ one of​ the​ few things in​ a​ business that you​ can do far in​ advance .​
By scheduling your holiday promotions ahead of​ time you​ will make yourself available to​ wear all of​ the​ other hats that you​ do around your business.
Scheduling promotions can seem like a​ huge task,​ but some things are just worth the​ extra thought .​
It really isn’t that daunting .​
Once it​ is​ done,​ then you’ll have time to​ put your ideas and energy on​ other areas that need your attention so that you​ maximize your efforts toward expansion.
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