Marketing Infoproducts Package Your Brain

Marketing Infoproducts Package Your Brain!
As long as​ you​ are providing a​ service,​ there will always be a​ ceiling on​ how much you​ can earn that is​ based on​ the​ number of​ hours you​ can work in​ a​ week. Even if​ you​ hire an assistant and/or raise your rates,​ you​ are only raising the​ ceiling a​ little higher. the​ way you​ can blast that ceiling skyhigh is​ to​ package your brain into infoproducts and sell them online.
You have a​ particular system and unique way of​ providing service to​ your clients. Package it​ into an information product that will show people stepbystep exactly how you​ do it. the​ incredible advantage to​ this is​ that you​ can teach people all over the​ globe,​ day and night,​ every day of​ the​ week.
With infoproducts,​ you​ don’t have any limit on​ the​ number of​ information products you​ sell. While your service will always be limited by the​ amount of​ time you​ have to​ give face to​ face,​ your information product can teach countless numbers of​ people.
Another advantage of​ packaging your brain into infoproducts is​ that you​ can develop your brain into more than one product. Your packaged brain can be sold on​ your website and at​ your public speaking events as​ CD sets,​ ebooks,​ paper versions,​ recorded online seminars,​ DVDs,​ and so on. Because you​ will be developing a​ loyal client base who wants to​ learn more and more from you,​ you​ will be able to​ feed this hungry audience with your infoproducts.
Here are other benefits of​ packaging your brain into information products
1. a​ lowcost option to​ use your services. By offering your clients infoproducts,​ they can purchase your packaged brain for substantially less than they could ever hire you​ for. For instance,​ a​ homestudy course could provide a​ condensed version of​ what a​ financial planner or​ a​ coach provides to​ clients over a​ series of​ months.
2. a​ lowerrisk alternative for prospects. Often your system serves as​ a​ doorway to​ you. Your prospect may study your system first and then later purchase your fullmeal deal. This is​ powerful your prospect pays you​ to​ be your lead! She begins to​ feel like she knows you. Remember,​ people work with people they know,​ like,​ and trust. Your infoproduct is​ building relationships for you.
3. Your products build credibility. Like writing books,​ producing infoproducts will elevate your perceived expertise. you​ reinforce your brand and people find you​ trustworthy because you​ have outlined the​ exact steps to​ solve their problem. Remember,​ this is​ always about answering What’s in​ it​ for me? for your target audience’s perspective.
4. you​ become more efficient. By turning your process into a​ system,​ you​ can show the​ precise sequence that helps your clients. Instead of​ trying to​ be intuitive about how to​ solve each person’s problem,​ take him or​ her step by step through your process. you​ save time because you​ will know what each session will focus on​ and how long it​ takes to​ achieve results.
Your customers will be impressed when you​ have worksheets and specific homework assignments for them to​ work through. it​ reinforces your expertise and makes them feel secure in​ their decision to​ hire you.
5. you​ can offer package options. Because you​ know each step of​ your system,​ you​ can offer your customers options. People are MUCH more likely to​ make a​ purchase if​ they have options. By giving your customers choices,​ they can purchase what is​ right for their unique situation. Your clients may decide to​ do one option now and add something else later. the​ nice thing about this is​ your customers get RESULTS and you​ don’t have to​ work as​ hard because you​ have a​ SYSTEM.
I recommend always offering options that set your customers up to​ work with you​ on​ a​ continuing basis. For example,​ a​ professional organizer could set up one package that includes an initial consultation,​ a​ clutter analysis,​ four weeks of​ roombyroom organization,​ and then four weeks of​ oneonone work with the​ customer to​ teach them how to​ create systems of​ organizations. This option could include a​ Clutter Free Tips and Workbook.
A personal trainer could offer an option called Fantastic Fitness! This 6‑month training package could include oneonone workouts,​ a​ nutrition guide,​ a​ personal grocery shopping session to​ show how to​ Shop for Fantastic Fitness! and a​ goals and progress workbook.
6. you​ can turn your package into a​ very expensive option. Once you​ have your brain packaged,​ you​ can create an expensive option that will give your prospects a​ LOT of​ information in​ person. Most people that offer this generally offer a​ live event over several days.
Because you​ are spending hours and hours giving your audience information,​ people are willing to​ spend anywhere from $1,​500 to​ $10,​000 and more for this type of​ program. With a​ powerful sales letter that is​ placed on​ your website,​ you​ can bring 20 to​ 50 people to​ your event. you​ do the​ math.
7. you​ can use your system for your talking points. Once you​ have a​ system,​ it​ becomes much easier to​ make sales,​ give presentations,​ and offer public talks because you​ have specific talking points which will always tie directly back into your infoproducts. you​ can offer people a​ chapter or​ a​ sample session based on​ a​ section of​ your system to​ give people a​ taste of​ what you​ offer.
8. Prospects can become customers at​ many different price points. if​ you​ are selling information products,​ the​ going rate for an ebook is​ between $17 to​ $97 and for a​ teleseminar,​ the​ range is​ about the​ same. For a​ manual,​ the​ price ranges start to​ spread out quite a​ bit. I’ve seen them between $100 and $1,​000 depending on​ the​ complexity of​ the​ information. in​ general to​ command more than $100 $200,​ you​ have to​ start including CDs,​ templates,​ and other valueadded components. the​ informationproduct business is​ a​ wonderful one to​ get involved in​ and very addictive for both you​ and your customers in​ a​ good way.
I hope this is​ getting your brain percolating on​ how you​ can package your brain as​ a​ system and how it​ will make it​ SO much easier for you​ to​ both market and implement it. the​ end goal is​ you​ can attract more customers and make more money with less effort.
ACTION ITEM Take a​ look at​ your current offerings. What can you​ do to​ package your brain into your first infoproduct? What format will it​ take? How will you​ market it? What will it​ cost?

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