Marketing Ideas Without Action Will Get You Nowhere

Marketing Ideas Without Action Will Get You Nowhere

You want to​ grow your small business,​ but how do you​ do that? Many of​ the​ small businesses I work with are not really sure what works best,​ or​ how,​ or​ where to​ get started.

We're all familiar with the​ term Marketing,​ but what in​ the​ heck is​ it​ really supposed to​ do for us?

* Build brand awareness

* Build name recognition

* Increase market share

* Get more clients

* Generate referrals

* Create more repeat business

Maybe you've tried some things in​ the​ past like brochures,​ yellow pages advertising,​ Chamber of​ Commerce networking but were disappointed with the​ results so you​ stopped doing them. And it​ seems that others are always willing to​ give you​ advice. Never mind that they have no idea what they're doing either.

You know you​ need to​ be marketing,​ so why isn't it​ getting done? There are just so many other things to​ take care of​ when you​ are trying to​ run and grow a​ business.

Maybe you​ have a​ lot of​ ideas,​ but still nothing happens. Are you​ guilty of​ any of​ these common small business symptoms - over analysis? perfectionism? fear of​ failure?

If you​ can relate,​ there's a​ good chance that your ideas never get off the​ drawing board and put into action. And your visions of​ taking your business to​ new heights never materialize.

Action Without Ideas is​ No Good Either

There is​ an​ opposite end of​ the​ spectrum which is​ also quite dangerous to​ the​ long-term health of​ your business.

Action without ideas can lead to​ a​ lot of​ busy work without a​ lot of​ new business growth. you​ might get lucky because at​ least you're taking action. But,​ the​ results are more likely to​ be less than what you​ expect or​ need.

You Need a​ Plan to​ Put Ideas Into Action

OK,​ so I'm not going to​ talk a​ whole lot today about the​ need to​ have a​ marketing plan. Obviously the​ first thing you​ need to​ do is​ be clear about where you're headed and what you'd like to​ get accomplished. For more insight on​ marketing planning,​ visit my web site.

For purposes of​ this article,​ I'm assuming you​ have some ideas,​ but just not the​ activity and results you​ need. You've studied up,​ learned some great techniques,​ pretty much know what you​ need to​ get done,​ and you​ have the​ best intentions. Then why is​ it​ you​ still don't seem to​ get any marketing completed.

You see,​ while marketing plans are vital to​ your success,​ they're not the​ end all answer. Left alone,​ marketing plans don't produce any results.

In order to​ get your ideas into action,​ you​ need a​ little something more. Here are three things I suggest to​ start putting your marketing ideas into action for your business:

1. Create a​ Simple Action Plan

You need to​ have an​ action plan. in​ my experience,​ most marketing plans cover the​ "what you​ want to​ do,​" but not necessarily the​ "plan to​ actually get it​ done."

An action plan actually translates the​ "what" into the​ tasks and activities needed to​ complete each of​ the​ objectives. Your action plan needs to​ be in​ sufficient enough detail for you​ to​ know what it​ takes to​ get the​ strategies and tactics implemented.

Your marketing action plan could be as​ simple as​ a​ checklist of​ all the​ marketing activities you​ want to​ be implemented. Keep the​ checklist handy and check off the​ tasks and activities as​ they are completed.

A marketing checklist like this can act like a​ scorecard to​ keep track of​ what you've accomplished and what still needs to​ get done.

For some,​ a​ simple marketing checklist oriented action plan may not be quite enough. you​ may need to​ invest a​ little more time and energy in​ creating a​ more detailed plan to​ put your ideas into action.

Consider this approach... Start by identifying the​ three primary desired outcomes you'd like to​ have in​ the​ next six months. Now for each of​ those desired outcomes,​ identify three key things that need to​ be accomplished in​ the​ next 90 days towards achieving the​ outcome.

Then take each of​ those three key things and break it​ down in​ to​ three or​ four tasks that need to​ be completed. Maybe even limit it​ to​ key tasks that should get completed in​ the​ next 30 days. Finally,​ go back and start putting estimated complete by dates for everything you've outlined.

Now you've got an​ action plan to​ move you​ forward.

2. Create a​ Marketing Focus Calendar

Once you've determined what you​ need to​ put into action,​ schedule them on​ a​ calendar.

One of​ the​ classic problems small businesses experience is​ getting nothing done because they are so overwhelmed when they look at​ EVERYTHING that needs to​ get done.

Choose a​ small handful of​ the​ marketing strategies and tactics that you​ feel best about and you​ think will be most productive. Decide how often you'll implement each idea. For example... attend five networking events per month,​ give one presentation per quarter,​ send one eZine per month,​ and go on​ two potential business partner lunches per month... you​ get the​ picture.

Now look at​ your calendar and start writing down activities for each of​ the​ months you​ want to​ get things done. Commit to​ at​ least a​ couple of​ significant marketing activities or​ tactics every month.

Look over the​ calendar to​ make sure it's balanced with a​ decent mix of​ the​ approaches you've chosen. Track all of​ your marketing efforts so you​ know what to​ add,​ change or​ remove from the​ calendar.

Map out your marketing focus calendar and hang it​ up on​ the​ wall by your desk. This very simple tactic can be very powerful for putting your ideas into action. the​ key here is​ that you're getting the​ plan down in​ a​ format that makes you​ more likely to​ stick with working the​ plan.

3. Schedule Marketing Appointments

Book a​ regularly scheduled appointment in​ your calendar for yourself. One of​ the​ best ways to​ force yourself to​ put your marketing into action is​ to​ schedule a​ marketing appointment like you​ would with your best client.

Don't kid yourself. if​ you​ want great marketing results,​ it​ takes some regular and consistent effort on​ your part. you​ can create that regular and consistent effort by scheduling time for yourself. Then when the​ appointment is​ on​ the​ calendar,​ don't schedule over it.

Don't let anyone infringe upon this time,​ not even your best client - except under extreme circumstances. When someone wants to​ book an​ appointment with you​ that overlaps this time,​ tell them you've already got something scheduled and see where their flexibility is. It's not important that they know that the​ scheduling conflict is​ time you've set aside for yourself.

Hold yourself accountable for making this appointment on​ time every time. Make productive use of​ your time by turning your ideas into actionable plans and working the​ action plans.

I'd predict that you'll begin looking forward to​ this time as​ you​ start putting ideas into action and getting greater marketing results. Ideas without action will get you​ nowhere,​ so even a​ little action today is​ a​ good start. Ready? Go!

Marketing Ideas Without Action Will Get You Nowhere

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