Marcus Aurelius Meditation

Marcus Aurelius Meditation

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius a​ Great Book of Philosophy

Many people know that the​ Romans are great people who conquered most of ​ the​ ancient world. They also introduced modern civilization and a​ ​ lot of ​ useful inventions that modern society is​ ​ still using today. of ​ course,​ Hollywood movies have depicted the​ Romans as​ great warriors and they also depicted their emperors as​ great conquerors who are responsible for leading their great armies to​ ​ victory against the​ barbarians.

However,​ not many people know that Romans are also great philosophers and one of ​ their emperors named Marcus Aurelius has been depicted as​ a​ ​ great emperor who brought many victories to​ ​ the​ Roman Empire as​ well as​ great philosophical writing. Not many people know that Marcus Aurelius was not only a​ ​ great emperor who led the​ Great Roman Legions against barbaric Germanic tribes and Gaul tribes and won,​ he is​ ​ also a​ ​ devout stoic philosopher who wrote the​ Meditations.

This particular Philosophical Book has been recognized as​ one of ​ the​ greatest works of ​ art. it ​ is​ ​ still being revered as​ a​ ​ literary monument on​ government service. This philosophical book has been praised as​ having exquisite accent and infinite tenderness.

The Meditations of ​ Marcus Aurelius contains series of ​ personal writings by the​ author. it ​ mainly contains Marcus Aurelius' ideas on​ Stoic philosophy.

This particular book was written during his campaigns between the​ years 170 and 180 in​ ​ Greece. He wrote this for his on​ personal improvement and served as​ guidance to​ ​ his leadership. Up to​ ​ this day,​ his memos survived and are still being revered to​ ​ as​ an inspirational book that everyone should read.

Translated by George Long into English in​ ​ 1862,​ this particular book has been reprinted many times and it ​ is​ ​ included in​ ​ Harvard Classics.

Marcus Aurelius Stoic principle inside this book is​ ​ said to​ ​ contain denial of ​ emotion. He stated that this is​ ​ a​ ​ skill where a​ ​ man will remain free from the​ pleasures and pains of ​ the​ material world. He also stated in​ ​ this book that the​ only way a​ ​ man can be harmed is​ ​ to​ ​ allow his reaction to​ ​ overcome him.

You have to​ ​ remember that the​ Meditations of ​ Marcus Aurelius contains no religious faith. Instead it ​ contains benevolent and logical force that explains that bad occurrences happen in​ ​ the​ universe for the​ good of ​ many.

The plainness of ​ the​ book is​ ​ overwhelming to​ ​ most people who read and understood it. the​ writings of ​ Marcus Aurelius are very different in​ ​ style. it ​ is​ ​ said that the​ contents was not obscured by consciousness of ​ the​ presence of ​ listeners. Although people fail to​ ​ understand the​ Stoic philosophy inside the​ Meditations of ​ Marcus Aurelius,​ people who do are moved and inspired.

You have to​ ​ expect that this is​ ​ an inspiring book and is​ ​ considered to​ ​ be one of ​ the​ greatest works of ​ philosophy. if ​ you​ want to​ ​ read this book,​ you​ are in​ ​ luck. Up to​ ​ this day,​ this book is​ ​ still available for reading and for purchase. in​ ​ fact,​ this book is​ ​ so popular that there are many translated versions of ​ it. you​ can also download the​ Meditations of ​ Marcus Aurelius in​ ​ the​ internet for free.

Marcus Aurelius Meditation

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