Male Hair Loss Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Male Hair Loss Natural Hair Loss Treatment
Men have been fighting hair loss since the​ beginning of​ time with methods that are at​ times ridiculous and dangerous. Today’s man has more choices than previous generations,​ but harsh and unnatural chemicals may not be the​ first choice for​ many men. Fortunately,​ there are several hair loss products that are based on​ traditional,​ natural treatments that may be just as​ effective.
Male pattern baldness is​ often genetic and/or related to​ too much dihydrotestosterone DHT in​ the​ follicles of​ the​ scalp. This is​ a​ specific type of​ testosterone that is​ only found in​ hair follicles. for​ years,​ saw palmetto oil has been used to​ treat prostate problems,​ and it​ has been found to​ have some beneficial effect in​ blocking the​ DHT that causes most male hair loss.
A good multivitiman containing B5,​ folic acid,​ silica and biotin will help maintain hair health,​ but be sure to​ regulate your dosages carefully. Taking in​ excess of​ 30mg of​ zinc daily can cause a​ copper deficiency,​ often linked to​ hair loss. Before supplementing copper,​ restrict your intake of​ zinc,​ as​ copper can become toxic.
Traditional asian medicine links hair loss to​ kidney malfunction and often prescribes a​ kidney tonic to​ correct male hair loss. Another ancient remedy is​ aromatherapy and the​ use of​ essential oils. a​ combination of​ rosemary,​ thyme,​ lavender and cedarwood was studied in​ Scotland and the​ results were encouraging. the​ essential oils were mixed with a​ carrier oil,​ either almond or​ grapeseed oil,​ warmed and then rubbed into the​ scalp. the​ treatment was continued with a​ warm head wrap. Used for​ several months,​ the​ tonic helped over 40% of​ the​ study’s participants regrow hair.
Perhaps the​ easiest natural treatment for​ male hair loss is​ a​ change of​ diet. Increasing foods rich in​ iron and silica seems to​ help strengthen the​ existing hair and encourage new growth. Consider adding foods rich in​ silica like potato and cucumber skins,​ peppers and sprouts.
In today’s overly medicated society,​ many are hesitant to​ try another prescription ​Drug​. you​ have a​ choice not to. Many of​ the​ natural hair loss treatments are pleasant and more often than not,​ have no side effects. you​ may be pleasantly surprised at​ the​ results.

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