Making A Game Of Moving

Making A Game Of Moving

Just over a​ week ago I was told I had to​ pack up and​ move yet again​ to​ another apartment. this​ brings the number to​ 3 times in​ only a​ year and​ a​ half. Needless to​ say I was not too happy. it​ became evident to​ me that the more I resisted the idea, the worse I felt about it, so I decided to​ go with the flow and​ make my move into an​ exciting game. I started looking forward to​ the move, was excited to​ see my new apartment, used the opportunity to​ get rid of​ clutter and​ was able to​ support a​ charity in​ the process. My move truly turned out to​ be quite an​ adventure and​ a​ great learning experience.

When the movers knocked at​ my door it​ had started snowing heavily and​ there was not a​ single sole who could speak English. However this​ did not dampen my spirits and​ we managed very well. it​ turned out that I found some very willing translators, all the administrators were very understanding and​ the movers were extremely speedy and​ efficient despite the weather.

Four days later I was completely moved, unpacked and​ settled in. My phone was reconnected, I had high-speed Internet access, the TV cable guys arrived a​ day early and​ I was once again​ part of​ the “real world”. I can honestly say that it​ could not have gone more smoothly had I been in​ my home country.

on​ reflection​ I noted that life is​ life wherever we are. We could be in​ Korea, South Africa or​ the USA, but life situations happen on​ a​ daily basis. in​ essence this​ is​ the very nature of​ life. There is​ no escaping it. But, what we often fail to​ recognize is​ that it​ is​ during these life situations that we are presented with the opportunities that help us to​ grow and​ become better people. When obstacles present themselves, ease and​ facilitate an​ easy transition​ or​ find a​ solution​ by asking “How can I make this​ work?” and​ not “Why is​ this​ happening to​ me?”

One of​ the things that disempowers us in​ life is​ when we take ourselves too seriously. We could lighten up a​ bit, have more fun and​ enjoy things more. Treat life like a​ game. this​ does mean to​ undermine the seriousness of​ certain​ events, but when we view life as​ a​ game, we are able to​ be more effective in​ finding solutions and​ enjoying the process.

When I decided to​ treat my move as​ a​ game and​ adventure, miracles happened. People went out of​ their way to​ help me, I moved into a​ dream apartment and​ I now wake up in​ the morning with a​ view second to​ none.

Quote of​ the week

“Life is​ a​ challenge, meet it! Life is​ a​ dream, realize it! Life is​ a​ game, play it! Life is​ Love, enjoy it!” Sri Sathya Sai Baba

this​ weeks challenge

How would you​ feel about “playing the game”? Use this​ tool with a​ life situation​ this​ week and​ if​ you​ have difficulties in​ taking this​ approach, ask yourself this​ one question: “What is​ the worst thing that could happen?”

Making A Game Of Moving

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