Make Your Money Go Further In London Find A Cheap Hotel

London is​ the​ coolest city on​ earth,​ according to​ a​ big crowd of​ fans of​ the​ city,​ and there is​ quite some truth in​ that. the​ city on​ the​ Thames has an​ amazing lot of​ things to​ do. One can spend several weeks in​ the​ city alone,​ doing something different every day.

Cheap London hotels do not have to​ be dive hotels in​ seedy areas. All too often travelers think that if​ they are seeking cheap London hotels that they will need to​ sacrifice quality and safety for price. the​ reality is,​ however,​ that if​ you​ have the​ right travel professionals assisting you,​ you​ will find cheap London hotels that are clean,​ safe and enjoyable.

You can either stay at​ cheap London hotels that will turn a​ great day into a​ nightmare in​ a​ hurry,​ or​ you​ can stay at​ moderate London hotels at​ cheap London hotels rates in​ order to​ keep your day on​ the​ same great tone. the​ choice is​ fairly obvious.

London has great sites to​ see for the​ entire family,​ as​ well as​ many things to​ enjoy. Shopping is​ legendary in​ London so staying at​ cheap London hotels can help you​ save some pounds for a​ shopping spree before you​ leave. you​ will also find that there are great restaurants with many different cuisines ranging from Indian food,​ Italian food and British food. By staying in​ cheap London hotels you​ are able to​ do more,​ see more and enjoy more.

Most of​ the​ hotel accommodation in​ this bracket is​ termed 'bed and breakfast' hotels. This can be misleading to​ the​ unaware. No it’s not a​ cozy family owned guest house with personal attentive hosts,​ traditional English breakfasts and home-made offerings,​ commonly available outside London. the​ vast majority are small hotels with 20-50 rooms,​ staffed by immigrants on​ very low salaries with very simple rooms,​ seldom lifts and 'continental breakfasts'. That is​ not to​ say that these establishments should be avoided,​ but there are an​ awful lot of​ poor quality ones.

The main cheap hotel districts in​ London are Bayswater,​ Victoria and Kings Cross. Here you​ will see lots of​ these bed and breakfast hotels together in​ clusters. an​ ensuite double or​ twin room with breakfast in​ these areas is​ around 70-100$US.

Kings Cross has a​ poor reputation,​ it​ used to​ be notorious for drugs,​ crime and prostitution. That is​ all largely behind it​ now and it’s a​ district on​ the​ up,​ the​ whole area is​ being rejuvenated and Eurostar Trains will terminate at​ Kings Cross station in​ 2018. the​ bed and breakfast hotels are all around a​ garden square immediately opposite Kings Cross Station.

Kings Cross is​ no more than a​ mile from the​ West End,​ the​ central entertainment area of​ London,​ and there is​ lots of​ public transport on​ your doorstep. Bayswater is​ on​ the​ northern border of​ Hyde Park,​ London's biggest,​ and within a​ mile are Oxford Street,​ Kensington Palace and Paddington Station,​ (terminus for the​ Heathrow Express airport link. Bayswater is​ a​ traditional budget area and a​ great place to​ stay for the​ cost conscious traveler.

Victoria is​ very central,​ Big Ben,​ Buckingham Palace,​ Westminster Abbey and the​ London Eye are all within walking distance. the​ cheap hotels are south of​ the​ railway station,​ stretching from the​ coach stations to​ Pimlico Underground. the​ area is​ pleasant and safe.

Some of​ the​ better bed and breakfasts include the​ Montana Excel and Howard Winchester Hotels in​ Kings Cross,​ the​ Central Hotel in​ Victoria and the​ Blakemore and Annur Hotels in​ Bayswater. Some of​ these may be advertised as​ three star hotels - beware in​ small print you​ may notice the​ words 'self rated'.

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