Make More Money Trading The Stock Market

Make More Money Trading the​ Stock Market
If you​ are a​ stock trader,​ how often do you​ base your buy and sell decision on​ technical analysis? If you​ use technical indicators in​ your trades,​ Ashkon Stock Predictor can help you​ make closer predictions of​ the​ stock market .​
Thanks to​ the​ dozens of​ simple pre-defined trading strategies and literally hundreds of​ combined ones,​ there will be no lack of​ strategy for any stock and any market situation .​
Choose the​ right trading strategy and increase your trading profits with Stock Predictor! Download Free Trial (16 MB)

Traditionally,​ analytical packages for the​ stock market cost thousands of​ dollars,​ and require their operators a​ high degree of​ competency in​ mathematical statistics .​
Ashkon Software innovative product provided,​ for the​ first time,​ an​ intuitive and simple to​ use graphical user interface to​ the​ complex process of​ trading,​ analyzing data and making predictions .​
Stock Predictor allows you​ to​ make weighted decisions on​ whether to​ buy,​ sell,​ hold,​ or​ avoid a​ particular stock or​ stock index by plotting stock charts and technical indicators .​
You can glance at​ the​ charts and make a​ quick trade decision,​ or​ scrutinize them with any of​ the​ built-in trading strategies.

Are you​ sure you​ are selling your stocks at​ the​ right time? Limiting your losses and protecting your gains is​ a​ rule of​ thumb for every investor .​
Making a​ trade decision is​ risky and time-consuming .​
You can reduce your risks and save time by using proper analytical tools .​
Stock Predictor saves your time by providing comprehensive analysis of​ technical indicators for all of​ your stocks.

Do you​ have a​ trading strategy? If you​ do,​ how do you​ know that the​ strategy of​ your choice is​ the​ most effective one for a​ given stock and under the​ circumstances? Stock Predictor helps you​ choose the​ right trading strategy for a​ given stock or​ group of​ stocks,​ supporting multiple pre-defined trading strategies .​
Running the​ strategies against a​ single stock,​ stock index or​ a​ group of​ stocks makes it​ easy to​ calculate and compare cumulative and summarized returns on​ investment .​
Choosing the​ best trading strategy for a​ particular stock or​ group of​ stocks can increase your bottom line dramatically.

Having access to​ prior performance of​ a​ given stock certainly helps developing the​ right trading strategy .​
Stock Predictor provides access to​ historical data at​ no extra fee with built-in downloader .​
You can import data into Stock Predictor from a​ different source,​ or​ export data to​ process it​ in​ an​ analytical application of​ your choice.

Despite having all the​ features of​ advanced analytical packages,​ Stock Predictor does not cost an​ arm and a​ leg .​
At only $295,​ Stock Predictor is​ extremely affordable for any stock trader.

Stock Predictor is​ available for immediate download .​
Get your free evaluation copy at​ and bring your trades to​ the​ new level of​ competency!

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