Make More Money Online With Less Customers

Most website owners are on​ the​ Internet to​ ultimately earn money. Internet marketing,​ traffic building,​ and search engine optimization has become a​ difficult challenge for all who seek the​ financial rewards from their ecommerce ventures.

There are many ways to​ direct traffic to​ one's website,​ few are free,​ but most will cost you​ time,​ money,​ and patience to​ gradually develop.

Many experts who have carefully analysed Internet traffic patterns admit that your website visitor will give you​ between 5 -10 seconds to​ influence them to​ stay.

When you​ actually think about this,​ 5-10 seconds is​ a​ very short time to​ convince anyone about anything.

Now you​ are expected to​ reassure a​ new client that has for the​ first time visited your site that your site is​ relevant to​ their immediate demands and desires,​ and will provide them with the​ primary solutions to​ their problems. How can this be done?

Traditionally an​ acceptable online conversion rate for Opt-in clients versus buyers is​ about 1-2 percent. Simply put,​ one out of​ 100 visitors will possibly purchase from your website. These are just terrible odds.

The vast majority of​ the​ ecommerce community seem to​ willingly accept these percentages as​ a​ part of​ doing business online. Most website owners constantly spend tons of​ money developing SEO tactics along with paid advertisements to​ lure bigger volumes of​ prospects to​ visit their website with no regards to​ super weak conversion ratios.

New traffic should always be a​ priority,​ but,​ persuading prospects to​ buyers should rank supreme.

Let's say for an​ example that your established website incorporates 10,​000 opt-in clients. the​ traditional conversion rate is​ about 1.5 percent. These figures equal a​ potential sum of​ about 150 buying customers out of​ 10,​000 clients.

Now let's raise the​ bar to​ a​ 10 percent conversion rate. We now have 1000 consumers that have purchased from us,​ that's an​ increase of​ 850 buyers from the​ same opt-in list.

Well you​ say,​ ok,​ but who actively produces a​ conversion rate of​ 10 percent?

The answer is​ site owners who really understand their clients!

Here are 10 steps to​ help you​ Make More Money Online with fewer Customers....

1. Evaluate your website.

Simplicity is​ the​ key here. the​ simpler the​ better. Review the​ biggest revenue bearing website on​ the​ world wide web today... This site is​ as​ simple as​ it​ gets,​ that's the​ way the​ web visitors like.

Simple navigation to​ destination articles or​ products should not be a​ difficult hurdle. Just click on​ a​ subject or​ title and your there,​ period. a​ maze of​ links and clicks turn visitors off,​ make it​ simple and to​ the​ point.

Article or​ product links should be within 2 clicks. Your client should not have to​ thoroughly search your site for the​ pertinent information that they may desire. Remember you​ have less than 10 seconds to​ convince that client that this is​ the​ place for them,​ or​ else,​ Click,​ there Gone!

2. Clearly present what your website is​ all about.

Your main header (headline) should clearly state what your website has to​ offer. Your potential customers should not have to​ guess or​ get frustrated while trying to​ determine the​ relevance of​ your site. Your customer is​ there to​ seek solutions to​ his or​ her problems,​ it's your job to​ resolve them,​ not to​ create another problem.

3. Establish your website with statements of​ confidence.

Your website presentation should carefully place confidence into your visitors mind as​ a​ trusted authority of​ facts,​ information,​ or​ for products in​ demand.

4. Using Power words,​ Phrases,​ and Emotional Triggers.

Compile a​ list of​ intelligent words that interact with your customer and your website peaking your customers interest.

Power words are the​ essential ingredients to​ a​ successful website. These words respond with the​ mindset of​ your customer’s needs and the​ fundamental reason they are there.

Power words further develop curiosity in​ your customer's mind. Can this product or​ informative article resolve my problem? Power words relate to​ the​ primary resolution of​ their problem,​ concerns,​ or​ desires. the​ more frequently you​ can establish a​ mutual relationship between your client's problems and the​ different ways you​ could possibly solve them,​ the​ more sales you​ will ultimately make.

5. Establish a​ Perceived Value to​ Opt-In.

New clients will not give their email addresses out willingly to​ just anyone. Most customers already have flooded e-mail boxes with junk e-mail. Customers do not like receiving worthless junk mail that is​ consuming their time and annoying.

Never try to​ sell your customers anything with your e-mail messages. Emails to​ clients should be committed to​ establish complete confidence and curiosity within your valued client. Email should be used as​ a​ tool to​ credibly connect the​ message that your website is​ a​ realistic resolution to​ their problems or​ desires. you​ definitely desire your customer to​ be eager to​ open your e-mail having them feeling confident that you​ will be helping them. Remember,​ this is​ your invitation to​ your website.

Simply stated,​ these types of​ emails are called pre-sells. Making your client aware that your their trusted friend,​ and are here to​ help them. Concentrate your efforts for a​ long term relationship. Your main goal here is​ having your client enjoy receiving your emails and visiting your website.

6. Offer Rewards for Opt-Ins.

Everyone enjoys acquiring free products. Offering a​ free product as​ a​ premium for Opt-in customers must have a​ perceived value relevant to​ your clients needs. Here again,​ you​ must offer a​ bonus that will generously provide your future client with an​ aid to​ the​ solution for their existing problem or​ desires. the​ bonus should always have a​ value attached,​ whether it​ is​ monetary or​ a​ way to​ cleverly save precious time or​ money.

The bonus should also be solid with relevant information pertaining to​ the​ customers needs. the​ potential customer will appreciate that and award you​ with a​ vote of​ confidence.

7. Offer Quick Tips on​ your Home Page.

Offering Quick Tips to​ your clients on​ your home page will inevitably increase your site's reviews. Everyone is​ always on​ the​ look-out for short cuts or​ new ways to​ accomplish tasks that will cleverly save them precious time and or​ money.

Try to​ post new Quick Tips weekly if​ possible,​ and let all your clients know this. Quick Tips also carry long lived value. Your Quick Tips weekly column introduces a​ curiosity factor to​ your clients. What will they miss if​ they fail to​ view your site this week?

8. Set-up an​ auto-responder program that Pre-sells.

Set-up your auto-responder as​ a​ public relations tool. Your auto-responder message should be set-up to​ notify your clients regarding new events,​ products,​ articles,​ or​ anything else that may primarily benefit your client. Developing curiosity is​ your main goal with your messages.

Remember,​ you​ are not trying to​ sell them anything; you​ are establishing trust between you​ and your prospective client. Your site is​ there to​ help the​ client with their needs or​ desires. Your website provides solutions to​ their immediate demands. Do Not become an​ used car salesman here,​ become a​ close friend that cares!

9. Research.

Compare similar website that offer the​ same types of​ services you​ offer. Review their popularity at​ Alexa offers a​ free service that determines traffic rankings,​ related links,​ and more for all websites. Visit their site and download the​ free toolbar.

Reviewing similar websites will aid you​ with your decision on​ how to​ better your own site with regards to​ popularity.

When reviewing your competitor’s website,​ pay special attention to​ their website layout,​ design,​ bonus offers (if any),​ and navigation to​ pages of​ interest,​ and overall presentation. Ask yourself,​ what was your first impression of​ the​ site,​ was it​ easy to​ navigate,​ was it​ relevant to​ your demands,​ what could you​ do better to​ vastly improve their site,​ and finally,​ would you​ return to​ this site?

10. Establish a​ Perceived Value to​ your Website.

By following and practicing the​ previous steps of​ this article,​ your website is​ destine to​ ultimately achieve success. the​ last step to​ your success is​ establishing a​ perceived value for your website.

Just what is​ perceived value?

Perceived value is​ the​ potential benefits a​ consumer Expects from a​ product or​ service. Also,​ this is​ a​ form of​ branding (developing awareness of​ a​ name or​ product).

Take for an​ example Wal-Mart. When this name is​ mentioned,​ what are your thoughts?

Friendly place to​ shop.

Great selection of​ products to​ choose from.

Assumption of​ outstanding pricing.

Established name that is​ well trusted.

In your mind you​ have determined that these are some of​ the​ influencing factors most companies should have to​ make you​ feel comfortable and confident while shopping there. Some prices may be higher,​ but you​ feel satisfied with your perceived value of​ such business.

Understanding your customer is​ priceless,​ and learning how to​ obtain their confidence in​ your services is​ the​ real challenge.

Provide service to​ your potential customer as​ a​ close friend,​ not as​ a​ percentage.

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