Make More Money Clear Unconscious Self Sabotage With Hblusm

Make More Money: Clear Unconscious Self-sabotage With Hblusm
Unless you​ were lucky enough to​ inherit a​ fortune,​ you​ probably work for a​ living .​
You might think that everyone feels they don’t make enough money,​ but in​ the​ case of​ many of​ my clients it​ was true .​
Why weren’t they being paid well enough for what they do,​ or​ why can’t they find a​ job that pays well enough for their skill set? Surprisingly,​ many of​ them were unconsciously sabotaging themselves .​
Many of​ these self-sabotage patterns created irrational shame or​ fear that caused them to​ hold back .​
Even mild reactions can cause avoidance or​ confusion that drains energy and suppresses motivation,​ enthusiasm,​ and confidence .​
People do not perform at​ their best,​ are afraid to​ ask for the​ salary they want or​ look for a​ better job,​ and feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.
Common reactions that interfere with making money:
I’m afraid to​ be successful because:
•someone will take it​ away from me.
•women/people will reject me.
•I’ll be expected to​ succeed again and I’ll be under constant pressure.
•I’ll be expected to​ top my last performance,​ and I’ll fail.
I’m afraid people will be jealous of​ me and:
•want to​ destroy me.
•will reject me.
•it will tear my family apart.
I’m afraid to​ go all out because:
•I’ll be unpopular.
•I’ll physically get hurt,​ or​ hurt someone else (athlete).
Fears about work:
•I’m afraid to​ be ambitious because I’ll be swallowed up in​ my work and lose my (quality of) life.
•I’m ashamed to​ earn a​ living using my talents because they are a​ gift from God and I​ should share them with everyone for free.
•I’m afraid to​ have people pay me because then I’ll have to​ meet my commitments and be trapped in​ slavery to​ them.
•I’m worthless; and can’t compete because… They can get someone else to​ do the​ job better (or more cheaply).
•I have to​ have a​ job or​ career that someone else expects or​ they won’t love me and will abandon me.
When we treat people with Healing from the​ Body Level UpSM (HBLUSM) methodology to​ clear these unconscious self-sabotage patterns,​ they make a​ good living using their talent and doing what they love .​
Work becomes fun,​ satisfying,​ and worthwhile.
Success Stories
Eric had a​ multi-million dollar business with his wife .​
Ten years later he lost his wife,​ his home,​ and his business in​ an​ explosive divorce .​
Desperate to​ recoup his losses,​ he gambled his remaining assets on​ risky investments ending up several hundred thousand dollars in​ debt .​
Eric remarried and became a​ business consultant .​
He suspected that the​ wild oscillations in​ his income were related to​ trauma,​ so he sought HBLUSM treatment .​
Interestingly,​ Eric’s father had been a​ highly successful businessman who went bankrupt just a​ few months before his death .​
As a​ father,​ he was cruel,​ distant,​ and competitive .​
Using HBLUSM,​ Eric cleared the​ unconscious habits of​ trying to​ earn his father’s respect and love by proving that he could be more financially successful than his father .​
He quit making risky get rich quick investments and focused on​ doing what he was brilliant at .​
In just two years,​ he paid off all his debt .​
His income continues to​ rise linearly.
Marie,​ an​ expert communications consultant,​ constantly struggled to​ make her business financially viable .​
Although her credentials and track record were excellent,​ she found it​ unnerving,​ awkward,​ and difficult to​ charge full fee for services,​ ask clients to​ commit to​ contracts,​ and wholeheartedly pursue new business .​
Using HBLUSM,​ Marie discovered that she was unconsciously repeating her family patterns where money was always tight and conversations about money were always stressful .​
Marie also carried her father’s feeling of​ unworthiness about making a​ substantial salary .​
After clearing these attitudes,​ Marie learned that 1) money is​ not elitist 2) you​ receive money in​ exchange for goods or​ services,​ and 3) financial success is​ linked to​ the​ quality of​ and need for the​ products you​ provide .​
Money is​ not about personal worth .​
Marie now finds it​ easy and rewarding to​ interact with customers and develop new business.

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