Make Money Writing Online Writers Needed No Experience No Problem

Make Money Writing Online Writers Needed No Experience No Problem

The Internet and the​ information revolution continues to​ grow by leaps and bounds. There are many ways that you can participate. Recent developments now make it​ easy to​ make money writing online. There is​ a​ shortage of​ content writers; more are needed,​ no experience required.

If you are a​ native English-speaker or​ are first-language fluent in​ English,​ and can write simple,​ clear,​ understandable test at​ a​ 6th-9th grade (school) level,​ then you can make money writing online...

On the​ Internet,​ almost everything is​ communicated in​ written form. Someone had to​ write every page of​ every website on​ the​ World Wide Web. the​ explosion of​ Internet activity and the​ number of​ new websites has created an​ opportunity for almost anyone to​ make money writing online,​ creating the​ content the​ Net requires.

In Internet terminology "content" is​ anything of​ possible interest that fills up web pages. Content can e pictures,​ drawings,​ artwork,​ graphs or​ text. Text content consists of​ written words,​ which requires writers to​ generate. By "writers" they mean people who can produce simple,​ understandable,​ unique text in​ conversational form.

Making money writing online does NOT require experienced writer/authors with literary credentials! it​ only requires first-language fluency in​ English and the​ ability to​ write at​ a​ 6th to​ 9th grade in​ school level in​ normal everyday English. (As a​ point of​ reference the​ Reader's Digest is​ written at​ the​ 6th to​ 8th grade level of​ comprehension.)

The first-language fluency requirement means that this work cannot be outsourced to​ China or​ India! the​ text must be clear and easily understood,​ thus only native speakers of​ English can make money writing online generating unique content.

Writers are requires because to​ count,​ website content must be unique,​ different,​ not published elsewhere. the​ Internet is​ based on​ computer technology. Computer-based "spider" robots crawl the​ Web making copies and measurements. Any text can be compared to​ millions of​ pages,​ finding all duplicates in​ seconds.

People go to​ search engines to​ find things on​ the​ Net. if​ a​ website's content is​ found to​ be a​ duplicate,​ it​ is​ deemed to​ be unimportant by the​ search engines and won't show up on​ Google,​ Yahoo,​ etc. searches. to​ be counted as​ possibly important,​ their content absolutely must be unique,​ not published anywhere else on​ the​ Net.

Only people,​ communicating as​ writers,​ expressing themselves in​ their own words,​ can generate intelligible unique text. if​ you can express yourself in​ conversation,​ you can do the​ same in​ written form. if​ you can express yourself in​ written form at​ a​ 6-9th grade level,​ you can make money writing online.

The Internet is​ a​ free market for writers of​ unique content,​ with many buyer-users and producer-sellers and no one big enough to​ control any part of​ the​ market. the​ challenge is​ to​ get buyer-employers and seller-writers together. How do writers get started doing their thing and making money writing online?

You could do like everyone else and start with the​ search engines... Got a​ question? Go online and "Google it"!

Or you could follow the​ links below for more information on​ making money writing online...

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