Make Money Writing Articles Upfront Or Passive Pay

Make Money Writing Articles Upfront Or Passive Pay

Make Money Writing Articles: Upfront or​ Passive Pay?
Have you recently decided that you want to​ make money writing articles from home? If you have,​ do you know that you have an​ unlimited number of​ choices? One of​ those choices is​ what type of​ payment you want to​ receive .​
Two of​ your main options include upfront payment or​ passive income.
Upfront payment is​ nice,​ as​ it​ pays the​ bills .​
To receive upfront payment you often acquire clients who need content .​
This content is​ either used for a​ website or​ for marketing purposes .​
Usually,​ the​ clients that freelance writers work with are either search engine optimization specialists or​ website owners .​
Since you write the​ articles and then hand them over,​ you are often paid right away .​

Upfront payments are also nice in​ emergency situations .​
Do you need to​ make money fast to​ pay for car repairs? If you do,​ search for article writing projects that involve payment right away .​
On average,​ most paying clients pay their writers within two weeks,​ if​ not much sooner .​
You can find these projects by searching job posting boards,​ online classified advertisements,​ and online bidding websites .​
Just be cautious of​ scams,​ as​ they do exists .​
Article writing is​ a​ legitimate way to​ make money online,​ so don’t expect to​ earn $1,​000 in​ 24 hours,​ as​ it​ likely will not happen.
As great as​ receiving payment upfront for writing articles is,​ it​ also has its downsides .​
One being the​ competition .​
As more people are start looking for ways to​ save money on​ gas,​ be their own boss,​ or​ stay home with the​ kids,​ the​ competition for upfront paying projects increases .​
There are ways that you can overcome this .​
Polish your resume or​ portfolio so that you can stand apart from the​ rest .​
Apply for as​ many projects or​ jobs as​ possible,​ as​ this increases your chances of​ landing one.
When you have an​ individual or​ company who pays you upfront for your articles,​ they usually retain the​ rights .​
This means that you cannot reuse or​ resell the​ articles in​ question .​
You are also usually operating a​ ghostwriter,​ meaning that your name will not be attached to​ the​ content .​

As for passive income,​ the​ greatest benefit of​ relying on​ it​ to​ make money through article writing is​ the​ number of​ options that you have .​
To get started,​ look for revenue sharing websites .​
You upload your article to​ the​ website in​ question .​
In exchange for having your content posted and making money through the​ use of​ advertisements,​ you are paid a​ page view bonus .​
This bonus will increase with the​ more articles you write,​ but it​ is​ generated overtime .​
So,​ you are essentially earning money for an​ article that you may have written six months ago.
In addition to​ third party revenue sharing websites,​ you can also write articles and post them on​ your website or​ blog .​
In terms of​ passive income,​ which keeps generating overtime,​ a​ website is​ best .​
Blog readers tend to​ expect new posts to​ read on​ a​ daily basis .​
To make money this way,​ you need to​ have advertisements on​ your website .​
There are affiliate programs you can signup for .​
You can post a​ small message outlining your site’s advertising rates .​
In fact,​ you should try both approaches.
The only true downside to​ relying on​ passive income to​ make money with your articles is​ that you aren’t paid right away .​
Most third party revenue sharing websites and affiliate programs require that you hit a​ specific dollar amount before you are paid .​
Although not always high,​ it​ may take a​ month or​ two before you start receiving payments .​

Since writing articles for upfront payment and passive income both have their pros and cons,​ you may be wondering which approach is​ right for you .​
Why not give them both a​ try? If you are in​ need of​ money,​ focus on​ upfront paying projects,​ but set a​ small amount of​ time aside each week to​ start generating passive income .​

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