Make Money Writing Articles Scams To Avoid

Make Money Writing Articles Scams To Avoid

Make Money Writing Articles: Scams to​ Avoid
Are you looking to​ make money writing articles online? If you are,​ you need to​ be cautious .​
Unfortunately,​ there are a​ number of​ scams that target this amazing work-at-home opportunity.
One of​ the​ many scams you will come across online involves taking your articles and running .​
This leaves you with hours unpaid .​
There is​ a​ way that you can prevent this from happening to​ you .​
For new projects,​ most legitimate clients will want to​ start out small,​ to​ gauge your writing skills .​
This may involve getting a​ $100 project to​ start with .​
Be cautious of​ someone who wants you to​ do a​ $1,​000 project the​ first time .​
You don’t have to​ turn it​ down,​ but offer yourself protection .​
Require a​ small amount of​ payment upfront or​ at​ the​ halfway point .​
If you aren’t paid,​ don’t finish the​ work.
As for what you can do if​ someone you meet online takes your articles and runs,​ remember that you retain the​ rights to​ your articles .​
If you were not paid,​ you still legally own the​ articles in​ question .​
You can use other methods to​ make money,​ so that you aren’t faced with a​ total loss .​
Post them on​ revenue sharing websites,​ where you receive a​ page view bonus .​
Since the​ scammer may have already posted your articles online,​ take the​ time to​ rewrite them .​
Yes,​ this isn’t fair,​ but it​ does provide you with protection
There is​ another approach that you can take that involves taking action .​
Look for your articles online .​
If they are saved on​ your computer,​ copy two sentences and enter them into a​ search engine .​
Find the​ website and determine who the​ web-hosting is​ through .​
Contact the​ company .​
If advertisements are displayed,​ contact those advertisers .​
These companies do not always want their names associated with illegally obtain content,​ so they may require it​ to​ be removed or​ the​ scammer may have their accounts disabled.
Another scam involves having you pay to​ get article writing projects .​
Yes,​ there are legitimate companies that require you to​ pay a​ small monthly fee,​ like $10,​ but you shouldn’t have to​ .​
There are legitimate article writing opportunities online where you are paid to​ write,​ not the​ other way around.
In keeping with paying a​ fee,​ bidding websites are a​ method of​ finding article writing projects .​
These websites have projects listed that you can bid on​ .​
the​ buyer will then choose who he or​ she wants to​ work with .​
You are charged a​ fee for using this website,​ but it​ is​ usually just a​ percentage of​ your profits,​ not always a​ monthly fee .​
Websites that offer you protection,​ such as​ guaranteeing that you will be paid as​ long as​ you completed the​ work,​ makes this fee more than worth it.
Getting your personal information and using it​ for identity theft is​ another article writing scam that you may find online .​
Many companies do need your personal information,​ such as​ your full name,​ address,​ and even your social security number .​
However,​ some scammers are trying to​ capitalize on​ this .​
Legitimate revenue sharing websites will ask for your personal information upfront .​
If you do not know for sure if​ the​ website in​ question is​ legitimate,​ ask around online or​ perform a​ standard internet search.
As a​ recap,​ there are a​ number of​ scams that target those looking to​ make money by writing articles online .​
With that said,​ don’t let these scams stop you from making money,​ as​ writing articles for pay can be and usually is​ a​ legitimate work-at-home opportunity.

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