Make Money Writing Articles How To Avoid Scams

Make Money Writing Articles How To Avoid Scams

Make Money Writing Articles: How to​ Avoid Scams
If you want to​ make money writing articles online,​ there is​ a​ good chance that you will turn to​ the​ internet in​ search of​ paying clients .​
Unfortunately,​ you are likely to​ come across a​ number of​ scams along the​ way .​
Writing articles for money is​ a​ great work-at-home opportunity,​ but,​ work-at-home opportunities are often common fronts for scammers .​
So,​ how can you avoid these scams? You may be surprised just how easy it​ is.
First,​ it​ is​ important to​ know what types of​ scams are out there .​
You may find what appears to​ be a​ great client who wants you to​ write 15 articles on​ fashion jewelry .​
However,​ after submitting your articles,​ your client is​ nowhere to​ be found .​
They took your articles without paying for them .​
For a​ writer who takes great pride in​ their work,​ this is​ one of​ the​ worst types of​ scams to​ fall victim to​ .​
There are also scams where companies,​ claiming to​ provide you with article writing jobs charge you a​ fee and then just take your money and run .​
Some scammers will also create fake article writing jobs in​ hopes of​ getting your personal information.

As for acquiring your personal information and using it​ illegally,​ a​ legitimate business owner may need your social security number,​ as​ they need to​ report this information on​ their taxes .​
Unfortunately,​ this is​ how many scammers get personal information out of​ hopeful writers .​
To prevent this from happening from you,​ know the​ difference between a​ well-established website and company versus someone who is​ only asking you to​ write four articles .​
Work with a​ new client a​ few times before providing them with any personal information .​
If you are paid and without problems,​ the​ individual or​ company in​ question really may need your personal information.
As for someone taking your articles and running,​ without paying you,​ there are a​ number of​ ways to​ avoid this scam .​
Be cautious of​ new clients .​
For projects that are large in​ size,​ request a​ small amount of​ the​ payment upfront or​ at​ the​ halfway point .​
If you aren’t paid,​ don’t write more articles .​
For smaller projects,​ where you may feel uncomfortable asking for payment upfront,​ use you best judgment .​
If your articles are not paid for,​ you retain the​ rights to​ them,​ meaning you can resell them.
As for companies,​ who request you pay a​ fee,​ you will also want to​ use your best judgment .​
There are legitimate companies online that will charge you $5 or​ $10 a​ month to​ participate in​ their article writing programs .​
a​ small fee doesn’t mean that the​ site is​ legitimate,​ but run away from fees that are high,​ like $20 or​ more .​
Also,​ never pay a​ company that claims you can make thousands of​ dollars a​ day .​
Article writing can be a​ well-paying gig,​ but since it​ is​ a​ legitimate job,​ so you should have reasonable expectations.
As previously stated,​ be sure to​ use your best judgment .​
Although some online scams can be easy to​ fall for,​ most are easy to​ spot and from a​ mile away .​
As long as​ you know that article writing scams do exist and what to​ look for,​ you can better protect yourself .​
By steering clear of​ the​ above mentioned scams,​ you can enjoy a​ long and profitable career as​ an​ article writer.

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