Make Money Work At Home Forget The Rat Race

Make Money Work At Home Forget The Rat Race

A home business can make you​ money and there are millions of​ people the​ world over who can testify to​ this.

Often when I write an​ article about working from home I get hit by emails and correspondence that state that there are many failures and that it​ is​ impossible to​ make serious money from a​ home business.

My answer to​ this is​ that the​ failure rate for home businesses are the​ same or​ even lower than people who choose to​ start a​ traditional business primarily because overheads are significantly lower. it​ is​ a​ fact that many people who start in​ business for the​ first time do end up losing all their money but who ever said that this was not the​ case?

Yes,​ you​ will also hear stories about people who started a​ home business and now shop in​ the​ budget discount stores but there are many out there who are enjoying escaping the​ rat race and living a​ great life.

On the​ flip side I can also tell you​ horror stories about business owners who ended up in​ bankruptcy paying exorbitant rents and rates for large premises,​ big cars and huge numbers of​ staff. Many of​ them are also now shopping in​ budget discount stores.

Small business owners the​ world over often feel like they are in​ a​ prison cell unable to​ escape the​ daily grind of​ making ends meet. the​ main reason for this is​ usually down to​ the​ costs associated with their high street business premises. They probably spend half of​ their time and profits just covering the​ cost of​ their place of​ work!

Many entrepreneurs waste a​ couple of​ hours a​ day traveling to​ and from their business premises stuck in​ traffic jams,​ looking for parking and getting angry and irritated at​ the​ same time. They face high fuel bills,​ traffic fumes,​ police with speed cameras,​ traffic wardens and end up eating unhealthy food bought at​ an​ exorbitant price at​ fast food outlets!

Somebody working from home might be limiting their chances of​ becoming fabulously wealthy but with lower overheads,​ less time spent stuck in​ traffic jams,​ more quality time with the​ family and total freedom to​ work the​ hours they choose… who needs all that money anyway?

It is​ a​ foolish person indeed who does not seriously evaluate how they too could possibly escape the​ rat race! I guess this statement is​ slightly unfair because there are many people who enjoy running their business and would never dream of​ working from home but for many who are unhappy with their current lifestyle it​ is​ a​ choice that they should not overlook.

So if​ you​ are thinking of​ starting a​ home business what is​ the​ best way to​ go about it? Research,​ market analysis,​ careful planning,​ respect for other members of​ the​ household and a​ lot of​ hard work are required in​ the​ initial stages. Running any type of​ business is​ not for the​ feint hearted and involves a​ lot of​ sheer effort,​ blood,​ sweat and tears. Anybody who tells you​ otherwise is​ a​ fool.

You will also need the​ ability to​ work unsupervised and being at​ home,​ there are many distractions including the​ television,​ the​ garden,​ your comfortable bed and hopefully the​ well stocked fridge!

Do not ignore the​ doom and gloom merchants who say it​ cannot be done but do pay heed to​ the​ reasons they give. Most likely it​ is​ because they failed to​ succeed at​ home or​ they know someone else who failed. it​ is​ possible to​ learn a​ lot from reading and understanding other people's war stories.

If you​ are successful in​ setting up a​ home business and you​ do start making serious money then you​ can have a​ private chuckle at​ all the​ people who said it​ could not be done.

Make Money Work At Home Forget The Rat Race

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