Make Money With A Website Without Selling

Make Money With A Website Without Selling

Using a​ website to​ make money online has become one of​ the​ most popular ways nowadays. There are several ways you​ can make money with website:

a) Sell your own products and services.
b) Sell other people’s stuff (affiliate program).
c) Place Google ads on​ your website and earn whenever someone clicks a​ Google ad.

The first and second ways take a​ lot of​ time and require experience and knowledge of​ Internet marketing. the​ third option is​ much easier and quicker to​ make money online. to​ place Google ads on​ your website you​ need to​ first join Google AdSense program. you​ don’t need a​ professional look or​ fantastic site to​ sign up with Google AdSense program. a​ clean and simple site will be good enough.

The content of​ your website can be any topic as​ long as​ it​ does not violate Google policies. you​ can read more about Google policies at​ you​ can write a​ topic or​ subject that is​ related to​ your experience,​ area of​ expertise,​ interest or​ background. if​ you​ are an​ expert at​ something you​ can make your content valuable and useful to​ others by providing advice and educational resources. if​ your interest and hobby are sport cars,​ you​ may introduce the​ latest models of​ sport cars and discuss some of​ the​ best tools for building the​ sports cars.

If you​ have no idea of​ what topic to​ write or​ have no interest at​ all in​ writing something,​ you​ still can own a​ money making AdSense site. Your solution is​ create a​ website solely to​ publish articles written by different authors. Just choose one topic or​ more and put several relevant articles for each topic and place your Google ads on​ each article page.

Build an​ AdSense site with minimum cost
Hiring a​ professional to​ build a​ site is​ expensive. Finding a​ freelancer to​ create a​ website will be much cheaper. However employing a​ freelancer is​ still not the​ most effective way to​ minimize your cost. the​ best way to​ minimize cost is​ use free website builder to​ create website. There are several free website builders allow users to​ build website without experience and technical knowledge. you​ can find these easy site builders by performing a​ search from the​ major search engines like Google and Yahoo. With site builder you​ can have a​ website or​ more absolutely free. you​ only pay for the​ domain name and website hosting.

Once you​ get your website launched. You’ll need to​ figure out how to​ drive visitors to​ your website. Your website will not generate income if​ no one visits your site. There are several ways to​ get targeted visitors/traffic to​ your site fast.

Pay-per-click (PPC) programs
Pay-per-click (PPC) programs allow you​ to​ bid for top-ranking positions on​ the​ keywords you​ have selected. When a​ visitor searches the​ keyword(s) you​ bid on​ and then click through to​ your site,​ you​ pay the​ amount you​ bid. the​ two most popular PPC programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. However it​ is​ costly to​ advertise on​ this two PPC search engines and probably you​ will face the​ problem of​ your AdSense earning can’t cover the​ advertising cost. Fortunately,​ there are other alternatives such as​,​,​ and so on. I recommend you​ advertise with and at​ the​ beginning as​ they are much cheaper to​ advertise with compare to​ Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. and are not search engine. When you​ sign up to​ advertise with them,​ they will distribute your contextual ads to​ the​ categories and websites within their network of​ your choice. you​ have no doubt will advertise on​ those categories and high traffic sites related to​ you​ website. you​ should also consider select those unrelated categories as​ well because these categories could send you​ targeted visitors and increase your AdSense revenue. Don’t set your bid too high. Just anyway from 6 cents to​ 9 cents should be good enough to​ drive hundreds of​ targeted visitors to​ your site within few days. as​ long as​ the​ daily AdSense earning greater than the​ daily advertising cost,​ you​ can continue your ad campaigns.

RSS advertising
RSS advertising is​ a​ free away to​ gain more exposure for your website. By creating an​ RSS file and submitting it​ to​ those RSS directories and search engines,​ the​ links to​ the​ content in​ your website will appear in​ front of​ those who read information using RSS readers or​ news aggregators and as​ a​ result driving targeted visitors to​ your website. Need more explanations? you​ can go to​ Google and enter the​ search term ‘make an​ RSS feed’. you​ will find detailed explanations of​ RSS and step-by step instructions on​ how to​ create an​ RSS file to​ increase your website traffic. Be patient,​ it​ will take you​ several days to​ learn and understand RSS. Some RSS sites also show an​ easy option to​ make RSS file without knowledge of​ HTML code by using free software tools.

Give away free content
Another free way to​ increase your website traffic is​ write articles and submit them to​ free content websites. Your articles can drive thousands of​ visitors to​ your site within weeks if​ your content is​ impressive.

There are other effective ways to​ increase traffic for your website. you​ can find a​ ton of​ free information and resources about website marketing and promotion from search engines. the​ more traffic you​ can drive to​ your website the​ higher your AdSense earning will be.

Make Money With A Website Without Selling

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