Make Money With Top Search Engine Rankings

Make Money With Top Search Engine Rankings

Its no secret that Google gets most of​ the​ traffic on​ the​ internet,​followed closely by Yahoo and MSN back in​ third place.So if​ we're going to​ beat the​ next guy at​ getting some free search engine traffic what is​ required and where would you​ start?

Well first of​ all you​ have to​ realise that you​ aren't likely to​ rank at​ the​ top of​ most keywords overnight,​infact it​ can take months of​ hard work to​ rank for high traffic keywords so the​ key here is​ to​ start with keywords you​ can target that don't have a​ lot of​ competition.This makes your job 50% easier before you​ even load a​ page to​ the​ internet.

Next lets look at​ the​ specific engines,​google takes the​ longest to​ rank for out of​ the​ top 3 so I like to​ look closely at​ MSN search because my experience tells me that even though they dont get anywhere the​ same amount of​ traffic I can rank higher and faster here.So my first port of​ call is​ to​ do keyword research specifically with MSN in​ mind.I use a​ few tools here but by far the​ easiest way to​ do this is​ to​ use the​ free keyword reseach tool at​ .Here you​ can check keyword patterns and traffic patterns for your desired keywords to​ see how many searches are performed in​ the​ major engines,​and also to​ find spin off keywords you​ probably would'nt have considered before.You can also check both Overture and Wordtrackers results against each other here to​ get a​ feel for how the​ traffic patterns are going to​ be for a​ top rank with your selected keyword.

A rule of​ thumb I use for MSN is​ that the​ traffic for any keyword I search in​ digital points tool is​ divided by approx 3-4 to​ give me an​ idea of​ the​ traffic in​ MSN.So if​ my desired keyword had 1000 searches per day according to​ both Wordtracker and Overture then I can confidently say a​ number 1 rank in​ MSN should provide about 300 searches.This doesnt mesn you​ will get 300 hits ,​in fact you​ may only get about half the​ searchers hit your site through MSN or​ any search engines for that matter even if​ you​ rank # 1.

So now I can confidently say a​ top rank for that keyword will provide approx 150 hits or​ visitors per day.So now we have chosen a​ keyword that looks good whats next?

Check out the​ competition on​ MSN.Theres no point choosing words that you​ realistically will never rank for .The competition pays big money to​ be at​ the​ top so unless you​ have the​ same budget stay away from that game.Those so called gurus of​ the​ internet will squash you​ .My reccommendation is​ to​ rank for terms that have less traffic and thats easier to​ get to​ #1,​especially in​ MSN.

So what am I looking for when it​ it comes to​ my competition ? well we all know that relevant ,​theme related inbound,​ 1 way links from authority sites are the​ easiest way to​ rank # 1 or​ top 10.

In fact it​ doesnt take too many high quality inbound links to​ rank for thousands upon thousands of​ terms.So here is​ where the​ fun begins,​After you​ have uploaded your site and optimised the​ page with all the​ relevant html tags etc then gathering links to​ your page is​ the​ single most important task you​ can undertake to​ rank.I am not an​ authority on​ link gathering but here are a​ few suggestions.

Write high quality articles about your chosen subject or​ pay someone to​ write articles ,​then submit them to​ the​ free article directories,​here your article will be picked up by other webmasters and placed on​ their site with your link on​ them,​This can create many many 1 way links very quickly for your page.

Approach other webmasters in​ your chosen topic and request link exchange(I personally dont do this as​ its boring and outdated and honestly is​ very time consuming)

Use social bookmark sites like to​ get your content out there and also to​ get you​ links from your tags.The search engines love social bookmark sites,​I use about 25 of​ them and they always provide high quality 1 way links,​and often with very high PR.

Write a​ blog about your site and link to​ it​ then feed that blog using rss or​ other syndication methods.this can also provide 1 way links and better results in​ the​ search engines.

Buy links. Yes buy them ,​ a​ few high quality ,​ related links with good Google Page Rank will help massively.

These few ideas I use every day and many more to​ get traffic and beat the​ next guy in​ the​ engines,​ especially MSN.

So there you​ have it​ a​ few small ideas to​ get you​ moving so go forth and "make money".

So the​ only thing left to​ do after you​ have achieved a​ top rank for a​ number of​ keyword terms is​ to​ make money from them and here are my top two ideas for making money that I use everyday.

1) Google adsense,​ Sign up free and place the​ ad code on​ your page and you​ will earn a​ share of​ each and every click visitors make from those ad blocks.

There are dozens of​ other places you​ can earn on​ a​ "pay per click " basis but Google stands out head and shoulders above the​ rest in​ my opinion.

2) Affiliate marketing,​ if​ your site or​ page is​ about losing weight,​ then sign up free as​ an​ affiliate to​ any one of​ hundreds of​ sites that sell these type of​ products .Then place a​ link on​ your page which has your personal code embedded into it​ and if​ a​ visitor clicks on​ your link and decides to​ buy then you​ will recieve a​ share of​ that sale.Sometimes as​ high 70% of​ that sale.

So there you​ have it,​now go out there and make some money online,​ because if​ you​ dont I will do it​ for you.

Make Money With Top Search Engine Rankings

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