Make Money With Storage Auctions Reselling Options

Make Money With Storage Auctions Reselling Options

Make Money with Storage Auctions: Reselling Options
Do you​ want a​ relatively easy way to​ make money? If so,​ you​ should consider attending and participating in​ mini storage auctions .​
These auctions occur when unit renters do not pay their bills .​
as​ for what you​ will find inside,​ it​ will vary,​ but there is​ always the​ potential to​ make money .​
as​ for how that money is​ made,​ reselling.
Since you​ profit from mini storage auctions by reselling the​ merchandise you​ bid on​ at​ an​ auction,​ it​ is​ important to​ know what your options are .​
as​ for what option is​ best for you,​ it​ will depend on​ the​ items you​ have available for sale and your own personal preferences .​
to​ help you​ decide,​ please continue reading on,​ as​ a​ few of​ your storage unit auction reselling options are discussed below.
Yard Sales
Yard sales are an​ easy way to​ resell merchandise you​ purchased at​ a​ self-storage auction .​
This is​ mostly due in​ part to​ convenience,​ as​ you​ are able to​ lay all of​ your items out for display at​ once .​
Although you​ can profit from hosting a​ yard sale,​ know that many shoppers expect to​ find low prices .​
It isn’t recommended that you​ sell valuable jewelry or​ antiques at​ a​ yard sale,​ but they are a​ great way to​ resell furniture,​ books,​ movies,​ clothes,​ home décor,​ and toys.
If you​ do decide to​ host a​ yard sale,​ be sure to​ advertise .​
Place signs around your neighborhood .​
List your yard sale online and take out a​ newspaper classified ad .​
Be sure to​ include the​ date,​ time and location of​ your sale .​
Also,​ post a​ small summary of​ what you​ are selling to​ generate interest.
Yard sales are a​ great way to​ profit from the​ reselling of​ mini storage auction contents,​ but they aren’t right for everyone .​
Do you​ live in​ a​ high trafficked area? Do your local laws prevent you​ from hanging yard sale signs? Do you​ not have enough space for a​ yard sale?
Flea Markets
Flea markets are a​ nice alterative to​ yard sales .​
If you​ don’t have the​ space to​ host your own sale,​ rent a​ table at​ the​ flea market .​
Although the​ dealer fees may be a​ turn off,​ you​ are automatically paired with shoppers without having to​ pay for advertising.
To find the​ best luck with flea markets,​ choose those that receive the​ most shoppers .​
Visit flea markets in​ your area to​ gauge the​ traffic coming in​ and out .​
Flea markets where shoppers must pay a​ fee to​ enter are nice,​ as​ many do not want to​ leave without buying anything.
Although flea markets are a​ good way to​ resell items you​ bought at​ a​ mini storage auction,​ some do have rules and restrictions on​ what can be sold.
eBay is​ another reselling option that you​ have .​
What is​ nice about eBay is​ that it​ is​ a​ popular online marketplace; shoppers flock to​ the​ website on​ a​ daily basis .​
This means that thousands of​ shoppers can see your auctions .​

Since eBay is​ an​ online marketplace,​ it​ allows shoppers from across the​ country to​ view and buy your merchandise .​
on​ that same note,​ these items must be shipped .​
Unless you​ take a​ gamble and make certain items available for pickup only,​ not everything from a​ mini storage auction can be resold on​ eBay .​
Large household appliances and furniture may be too difficult or​ costly to​ ship.
It is​ also important to​ note the​ fees eBay charges .​
They can cut into your profits .​
If you​ do decide to​ sell on​ eBay,​ track your sales and subtract your fees .​
Make sure you​ are making money before you​ continue to​ use eBay.
Craigslist,​ in​ addition to​ flea markets,​ is​ another great alternative to​ hosting a​ yard sale .​
What you​ do is​ create free classified ads outlining the​ items that you​ have for sale .​
When you​ place those listings under the​ heading for your closest city,​ local buyers will contact you​ when interested .​
It is​ best if​ you​ create individual listings for your large items and always include pictures.

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