Make Money With Storage Auctions And Flea Markets

Make Money with Storage Auctions and Flea Markets
Do you​ want to​ profit from the​ buying and reselling of​ merchandise sold at​ mini storage auctions? If so,​ you​ need to​ choose a​ method of​ resale .​
If you​ have customer service experience and many quality items to​ sell,​ you​ may want to​ sell at​ a​ flea market.
If you​ want to​ make money with selling mini storage auction merchandise at​ a​ flea market,​ proceed with caution .​
Remember,​ your goal is​ to​ make money,​ not lose it .​
you​ must rent a​ table or​ space at​ a​ flea market .​
Some organizers charge very high fees .​
Depending on​ what you​ have for sale,​ flea markets may not be worth your time or​ your money.
Speaking of​ what you​ have for sale,​ know how to​ buy valuables and resellable items at​ mini storage auctions .​
If you​ can inspect bins or​ storage units beforehand,​ do so .​
If not,​ look for signs or​ use your best judgment .​
a​ storage unit filled with moving boxes and furniture may be the​ sign of​ two households that consolidated into one .​
Household goods can be resold for a​ profit .​
Also,​ look for name brand products and antiques.
Returning back to​ selling at​ a​ flea market,​ see what is​ available .​
If you​ live in​ a​ large city or​ town,​ you​ may have multiple flea markets to​ choose from .​
Before making your choice,​ visit them .​
Which flea markets receive the​ most traffic or​ are open the​ longest? Then,​ examine dealer fees .​
you​ do want to​ keep your costs down,​ but keep quality in​ mind .​
a​ flea market that receives more traffic is​ worth a​ higher dealer fee.
In keeping with location,​ if​ your local flea markets are not popular,​ you​ may want to​ examine those in​ the​ nearest large city .​
you​ may have to​ pay higher dealer fees,​ but the​ increased traffic may be worth it .​
Do you​ have a​ large van or​ truck that you​ can use to​ transport your goods? If so,​ consider this as​ an​ option .​
If you​ cannot find a​ decent flea market,​ remember that you​ can sell your mini storage auction merchandise online or​ host your own yard sale at​ home.
As for dealer fees,​ see what options you​ have .​
Can you​ purchase a​ selling spot for only one weekend,​ a​ month,​ or​ the​ whole year? If you​ intend to​ use mini storage auctions to​ your full advantage,​ like by traveling to​ attend them and buying as​ much as​ possible,​ a​ long term rental is​ recommended .​
the​ longer you​ rent a​ space at​ a​ flea market,​ the​ bigger discount you​ should receive.
It is​ also important to​ get as​ much information as​ possible .​
If the​ flea market organizers have a​ website,​ visit it .​
If not,​ call or​ ask questions in​ person .​
It is​ not uncommon for some organizers to​ limit what can be sold .​
Upscale flea markets do not want to​ appear as​ if​ they are one big yard sale .​
in​ these instances,​ it​ may be common to​ find secondhand clothing prohibited .​
Before paying a​ dealer fee or​ signing a​ contract,​ make sure you​ can sell what you​ have.
When pricing your items,​ it​ is​ recommended that you​ first do research online .​
Make sure you​ don’t have any valuables .​
Yes,​ you​ can still sell valuables and antiques at​ a​ flea market,​ but know their worth .​
as​ for the​ rest of​ your merchandise,​ keep your eye on​ making a​ profit .​
Remember what you​ paid for the​ merchandise,​ as​ well as​ your dealer fee .​
Make sure you​ walk away with a​ profit,​ even if​ you​ must slightly raise the​ price.
As for why flea markets are considered a​ better method of​ reselling,​ it​ has to​ do with sales .​
Those shopping at​ flea markets expect to​ find a​ good deal,​ but not deep discounted items like the​ ones sold at​ yard sales .​
This allows you​ to​ reasonably set your prices higher .​
Shoppers also visit flea markets with the​ intent to​ buy,​ as​ a​ shopper may have to​ pay an​ admission fee .​
This,​ alone,​ increases your chance of​ making multiple sales.

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