Make Money With Pay Per Click Ads And Google Ad Sense Arbitrage

Make Money With Pay Per Click Ads And Google Ad Sense Arbitrage

If you​ have done any Internet based marketing or​ even considered it​ you've no doubt heard of​ Google AdWords®. if​ you​ have a​ Website you​ may have considered adding Google AdSense® to​ it​ in​ order to​ increase revenue.

For those of​ you​ who don't know,​ Google AdWords® is​ a​ marketing techique that offers to​ help you​ market your business. if​ you​ have ever done a​ search on​ you​ have seen the​ links to​ the​ right of​ the​ main list. Those are links that companies have set up in​ Google AdWords. if​ you​ click on​ a​ link,​ the​ company pays a​ price. That is,​ they pay a​ specific price 'per click'. Google is​ not the​ only search engine to​ offer this kind of​ marketing. All the​ main search engines offer a​ variation of​ it.

Google AdSense® is​ an​ extension of​ AdWords. you​ may have seen Websites that are not that say 'Google Ads'. you​ can set up an​ AdSense® account with and add Google ads to​ your Web page. if​ someone clicks one of​ the​ Google Ad links you​ get paid a​ specified price. What you​ actually get paid is​ the​ result of​ a​ very secretive 'formula' that the​ people at​ came up with. Again,​ all the​ major search engines offer a​ similar service.

So,​ you​ can create ads in​ Google AdWords® and get people to​ click on​ them pretty easily. When people click the​ link,​ they are taken to​ the​ Web page of​ your choice.

You can create Web pages that have Google AdSense® ads on​ them. These Web pages can be the​ pages that you​ direct people to​ in​ your Google AdWords® ads. Can you​ see where we're going with this?

This technique is​ commonly called 'Arbitrage'. the​ trick of​ course is​ to​ get people to​ click the​ Ad Sense ads on​ your pages enough to​ *more than* compensate for the​ price you're paying for your AdWords® ads. This may seem impossible but it's not. in​ fact some people claim to​ make over $75,​000.00 per *month* with this technique.

So how do you​ do it? Well,​ some AdWord ads are higher priced than others. the​ more popular the​ keywords are among AdWords® marketers,​ the​ higher the​ price per click. For example,​ keyword phrases having the​ word 'insurance' usually charge a​ pretty high price per click because other companies are willing to​ pay more. Other keyword phrases pay very little per click,​ even as​ low as​ $0.05 per click. These keywords can be very valuable if​ you​ can find the​ right ones.

Also,​ Google AdWords® generally cost more per click than the​ other search engines' pay per click services because is​ the​ most popular search engine. you​ can still drive a​ lot of​ traffic to​ your Website if​ you​ use the​ other search engines' pay per click marketing and you'll pay a​ lot less per click. a​ few sites to​ look at​ are:,​ and

Once you​ have your pay per click ads set up you​ create pages that will display AdSense® ads that are relatively close to​ your pay per click ads. you​ design a​ Web page that has a​ lot of​ the​ keyword phrases you​ want your AdSense® ads to​ be about. For example,​ if​ you're trying to​ attract AdSense® ads for the​ phrase 'Insurance New York',​ you'll design a​ page about insurance in​ New York. You'll make sure that the​ words 'insurance' and 'New York' are in​ there a​ lot (usually about 5% of​ all words on​ the​ page). You'll want to​ use those words in​ your Header Title and as​ your page title. You'll want to​ be sure to​ use Google AdSense® as​ opposed to​ the​ other search engines because they pay more per click because,​ again,​ is​ more popular.

So now you're paying for people to​ click links to​ go to​ your site that has ads on​ it​ that will pay you​ each time they click your AdSense® ad. if​ you've done it​ right the​ AdSense® clicks will pay you​ more than what you're paying for your pay per click ads (usually at​ least 50% more).

Now you're asking how you​ find all these great keyword combinations right? you​ need low pay per click keywords to​ drive people to​ your Web page that has high paying keywords. a​ few sites exist that can help you​ a​ great deal.

• - can help you​ learn how many people are searching on​ a​ given keyword phrase and will also make suggestions on​ other closely related phrases.

• - another site that can help you​ determine how many people are searching on​ a​ given keyword phrase. Also,​ wordtracker will suggest other phrases that are close.

• - yet another site to​ help you​ determine what keyword phrases people are searching on.

Now,​ you​ need to​ understand that pay per click ad prices are generally set by the​ people doing the​ marketing. For example,​ if​ I'm only willing to​ pay $2.95 per click on​ a​ keyword phrase but my competitor is​ willing to​ pay $5.00,​ my competitor's ad will always show up before mine. in​ fact,​ my ad may not show up at​ all. you​ need to​ be able to​ determine how much people are 'bidding' on​ a​ given keyword phrase.

• - helps you​ get an​ idea of​ what prices people are paying per click for certain keyword phrases. it​ also will suggest closely related phrases.

You can also buy software to​ help you​ keep a​ close watch on​ what prices people are paying and it​ will help you​ manage your pay per click ad campaigns as​ well.

The only way you​ can succeed at​ this is​ to​ test,​ test,​ test your work. Find a​ keyword phrase 'pair' (1 for your pay per click ads,​ the​ other for your AdSense® ads) then design and publish your Web page laced with your AdSense® keyword phrases. Go to​ and sign up for an​ AdSense® account. get the​ 'code' needed for your AdSense® page and paste it​ into your page (the top center and/or bottom center is​ usually real good). Then set up one or​ more pay per click ad(s) with a​ lower paying search engine and pull the​ trigger.

Once you've got your pay per click ads running,​ monitor them every hour. Not much time will pass before you​ get an​ idea of​ whether or​ not it's working. if​ not,​ kill the​ pay per click ad *fast*,​ and start over.

Your chances of​ making money in​ less than your first 10 attempts isn't great. But if​ you​ keep at​ it​ and learn the​ game you​ really can make money using pay per click 'Arbitrage'.

Make Money With Pay Per Click Ads And Google Ad Sense Arbitrage

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