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I don't like thinking of​ myself as​ the​ kind of​ person that has made it​ rich on​ the​ internet,​ but in​ some ways I am. I started out like most people,​ signing up for affiliate programs and promoting OTHER people's products. I'd make some money,​ nothing big. I couldn't help but think what it​ must be like for the​ people on​ the​ other end. I mean,​ think about it. They sell their item directly and then you​ do the​ work for them which rake in​ more sales. I wanted to​ be on​ that end of​ the​ market. So I decided to​ start my own website selling information products which I purchased from vendors. Let me tell you,​ resale rights are expensive.

I tried those stupid eBay e-books that offer resell rights but they offer them for a​ reason. Because they are hard to​ sell and usually won't make that much money. So after years of​ trying different products,​ I finally found one that works. it​ was a​ product featured at​ I took it​ at​ the​ advice of​ a​ fellow work-at-homer. I figured great,​ another e-book with resell rights. My friend told me to​ try and if​ I didn't make 10 sales,​ he would pay for it. What did I have to​ lose?

Three months later I am now making about $100 a​ day selling the​ same product. Here are some tips. First,​ buy a​ product that sells. the​ one I purchased at​ was an​ amazing find. you​ can try that or​ another product. Just make sure it​ can convert. Next get a​ domain name that contains your product keyword in​ the​ URL. Now submit to​ search engines. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips. Keep your keywords in​ your content. Write a​ great web copy and make sure you​ explain to​ visitors your BENEFITS not FEATURES. Example,​ an​ ROI (Return on​ Investment) calculator is​ a​ feature,​ the​ benefit is​ that it​ will save the​ consumer time and money. Keep our site professional and offer an​ email or​ phone number for help always.

Follow these tips and you​ should be getting traffic and conversions in​ no time. Let me know about your progress by contacting me.

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