Make Money With Adwords

Google Adwords presents you​ with a​ never-seen-before opportunity to​ make so much money off the​ internet that it's unreal... or​ so your favourite guru would tell you.

Have you​ ever wondered why some people can get rich off Adwords,​ and yet many seem to​ sit there,​ never able to​ convert a​ single sale?

The crazy thing about this is​ that there is​ so much info out there,​ so many people telling you​ how to​ run your campaigns... and yet the​ vast majority of​ online marketers are still broke.

Well,​ I use to​ be part of​ the​ 90% that got nowhere,​ until I made a​ few strategic adjustments and now I am making a​ very good living promoting affiliate products via the​ site.

My strategy is​ very different to​ the​ one that most gurus imply. you​ see,​ all this talk of​ click thru rate and quality score algorithms and various other technical issues masks the​ basic fact of​ promotion: the​ niche / product / the​ sales letter you​ are promoting is​ king. it​ doesn't matter how many keywords you​ add to​ your list,​ if​ you​ get the​ product wrong,​ everything else will flop. Since you​ don't know which products work and which don't you​ should expect to​ experiment quite a​ bit.

Instead of​ focusing on​ the​ details of​ my Adwords campaigns,​ I simply launch very many products across multiple niches.

Each niche takes me about an​ hour to​ locate,​ and an​ hour to​ setup a​ simple "no frills" Adwords campaign. Then,​ pretty soon,​ I know if​ the​ product I am promoting will sink or​ swim. Sounds simple,​ sounds profitable,​ but are you​ doing it?

I simply rinse and repeat,​ and every four or​ five attempts I run into a​ profitable niche and focus on​ it,​ setting up more Adwords campaigns within the​ niche.

When I find a​ profitable niche,​ I spend time on​ my Adwords campaign,​ but only then. This method allows me to​ go through about 10-20 niches and micro-niches per month. And every so often I come across a​ little gold mine that everyone else has overlooked because they were too focused on​ beefing up their keyword list or​ whatever.

Throwing stuff out there and constant experimentation is​ the​ way to​ make money from adwords

Never forget that it​ all comes down to​ the​ product (sales letter) that you​ are promoting,​ and you​ don't know which product works unless you​ try. So try simply throwing stuff out there and not being so anal when you​ first setup your campaigns.

You will be very surprised at​ the​ results,​ and nine times out of​ ten you​ will be making money with Adwords within a​ few days

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