Make Money This Holiday Season Instead Of Just Spending It

Make Money This Holiday Season Instead Of Just Spending It

What if​ you​ could make more money than you​ spend this holiday season? Sounds like a​ pretty good idea,​ you​ say? if​ you'd like to​ be on​ the​ making money end during the​ holidays,​ now is​ the​ time to​ start preparing. Below I'm going to​ give you​ several money-making ideas. Pick the​ one or​ two that interest you​ the​ most and have fun!


Making a​ child feel special during the​ holidays is​ something I think most adults strive for. And when a​ child gets a​ letter from Santa,​ the​ guy they look up to​ and respect…that child is​ going to​ feel like a​ million bucks. Selling to​ parents,​ grandparents,​ daycares and preschools are a​ great way to​ get business. And once one child starts telling their friends that THEY got a​ letter from Santa. News will start to​ spread. These children will turn into little walking advertisements for you. if​ you​ really enjoy this business during the​ holidays,​ you​ can run this type of​ business all year long with letters from the​ Easter Bunny,​ Cupid,​ the​ Great Pumpkin…just to​ name a​ few.


It doesn't matter if​ you're into woodworking,​ sewing,​ painting,​ pottery,​ or​ creating handmade paper. More than ever,​ people enjoy giving that one-of-a-kind special gift. you​ can sell your wares via the​ Net,​ at​ holiday bazaars or​ craft shows,​ or​ even consignment style. Once you​ become known for your crafts,​ word-of-mouth will keep you​ very busy.
Here’s a​ way businesses can say ‘Thank you​ ‘to the​ community. It’s also a​ way to​ help plump up the​ retailers business in​ December. Talk with your local business about what they’d like to​ contribute to​ your holiday kit that you​ will be offering to​ local residents. it​ could be a​ free gift,​ a​ discount,​ coupons etc. It’s a​ win win situation for everyone. the​ community receives some discounts and the​ businesses get more business. This type of​ service can also be run all throughout the​ year by offering newcomer packets to​ those who have just moved into the​ neighborhood,​ new baby and new pet packets etc. you​ could have a​ lot of​ fun with this one.


One idea is​ to​ create your own line of​ holiday cards with rubber stamps. Melissa Duquette has found this to​ be a​ profitable business. She explains,​ "The card season is​ upon us and everyone will soon be searching for the​ perfect holiday card to​ send to​ family and friends. This is​ your opportunity to​ break out into business and create unique hand-stamped holiday cards. or​ why not offer a​ class teaching this great hobby? Rubber stamping can be worked into so many different businesses." I've been to​ a​ rubber-stamping party where we were able to​ create our own cards. I had a​ great time hanging out with my friends and making my own unique cards. if​ you​ are into rubber stamping,​ seriously consider having a​ rubber stamping card party. you​ would supply everything needed,​ and could charge either a​ flat fee or​ charge per card made.


Kim Moya runs a​ T-shirt business and finds this a​ way to​ make extra cash during the​ holidays. She says you​ can create inexpensive holiday sweatshirts,​ and long- and short-sleeved T-shirts. And she doesn't stop at​ T-shirts,​ but also includes tote bags,​ felt and cloth ornaments,​ advent and traditional calendars,​ aprons and many other items that you​ can purchase wholesale and sell at​ retail prices!


I don't know about you,​ but I love fleece blankets. I was really excited when I found out I could make these awesome "Snuggly" blankets without having to​ sew a​ stitch. Cinda Louden has been making these types of​ blankets for a​ while now and explains,​ "These blankets are made out of​ Polar Fleece material. They are soft,​ warm,​ cozy,​ durable,​ and wonderfully 'Snuggly.' There's no sewing or​ needlework involved; all you​ do is​ cut and tie. Making Snugglies is​ a​ great way to​ start and create a​ business,​ make a​ little extra cash,​ or​ just make them for gifts. It's all up to​ you!"


The hype of​ eBay has not gone away,​ but has only grown. When among a​ group of​ people,​ I can usually find someone who has either bought or​ sold something in​ an​ online auction. Colleen Wallace has made it​ her business to​ sell merchandise online. "The holiday season is​ the​ best time of​ year for me. People are always looking for unique and interesting gifts to​ give their loved ones. What better place to​ find something different than the​ online auctions,​" says Colleen. Start thinking about what you​ might have that you​ could sell online. Colleen has found that the​ items that sell well are those that can be used for stocking stuffers,​ are limited editions,​ or​ are signed items.


Then there are the​ people who cannot stop baking during the​ holidays. Are you​ the​ type of​ person who finds that at​ the​ close of​ the​ season,​ all of​ your neighbors' and friends refrigerators and cookie jars are bursting at​ the​ seams because baking is​ just your thing? Believe it​ or​ not,​ this is​ not the​ favorite activity of​ everyone.

Stacy Robinson has found that a​ Holiday Home Boutique is​ a​ fun way to​ network with others who provide a​ holiday-related product or​ service. Each vendor displays her product or​ information about her service,​ and friends and neighbors are invited to​ come to​ shop and share fellowship.

"As a​ cake decorator,​ I sell gingerbread houses,​ as​ well as​ display and serve a​ holiday-themed decorated cake - which the​ hostesses love because this becomes part of​ the​ refreshments! Visitors to​ the​ boutique get a​ chance to​ taste and see my cakes,​ and I take orders for holiday party cakes. I also display a​ few 'dummy cakes' to​ showcase my designs for birthdays,​ weddings,​ etc."

The niche market that has been Stacy's holiday bread and butter since 1991 is​ selling gingerbread houses to​ real estate agents. She leaves a​ gingerbread house with order information in​ large real estate offices for a​ few days. She also offers free delivery to​ the​ real estate office,​ or​ delivery for a​ fee to​ their home-buying customers and other colleagues,​ such as​ mortgage brokers,​ closing attorneys,​ etc.


These are just a​ few ideas you​ can use to​ make a​ little extra cash this holiday season. Use your imagination. Remember,​ people are more than willing to​ spend money for that special gift and holiday service. Why can't you​ be the​ one who pockets that money? This is​ such a​ great time of​ year to​ make your business work. Being your own boss has never sounded better,​ now has it? Start thinking now if​ you​ want this to​ be seasonal work,​ or​ if​ you​ want to​ continue your business into the​ new year. All of​ the​ business ideas I listed above can be run throughout the​ year. This could be the​ start of​ something very profitable!

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