Make Money Online With Paid To Click Sites

Make Money Online With Paid To Click Sites

There are many websites on​ the​ world wide web where you​ can earn money just for viewing advertisements placed by other site members who paid to​ put these ads there. the​ site has a​ timer and all you​ do is​ click on​ the​ ad,​ view it​ until the​ timer gets to​ zero and go to​ the​ next site. They are called paid to​ click sites or​ PTC's for short. Although one only makes a​ penny or​ less for each click of​ the​ mouse do not let that fool you,​ it​ is​ possible to​ make fifty dollars per day or​ more with paid to​ click websites.

These sites also will pay you​ for each and every click made by other members who you​ have referred to​ the​ paid to​ click program. So you​ can have one thousand referrals all clicking ads and you​ get a​ penny for each of​ their clicks and this can really add up to​ alot of​ money. Some paid to​ click sites offer deals like one cent per click and one cent per referral click,​ while others offer half that,​ but those sites who pay less than one cent per click often have lower ad prices for their advertisers,​ resulting in​ more ads for you​ to​ click on​ than the​ other sites.

Many of​ these websites also have "paid to​ sign up" offers from other members as​ well. This is​ where you​ sign up into thier program and you​ get paid ten cents for that at​ most sites.

When choosing a​ good paid to​ click site,​ you​ should check their site for a​ forum link. if​ they have a​ user forum,​ go to​ it​ and register there first. Then look around their forum,​ talk to​ the​ moderators there,​ and try to​ get a​ feel for how well liked the​ site is​ among it's members. This can save you​ alot of​ headaches later on.

Many of​ these sites will sell you​ referrals in​ packages as​ small as​ five or​ as​ large as​ five hundred. the​ cost for these is​ usually around a​ dollar each,​ and a​ group of​ five hundred referrals can bring in​ $50 per month comfortably,​ as​ long as​ their are ads at​ the​ site for everyone to​ click on. you​ need to​ be careful though,​ the​ key is​ to​ find paid to​ click sites owned by a​ good honest admin. This can be researched by visiting their forum like I said earlier,​ and by doing a​ Internet search for the​ websites name or​ the​ owners name. Do a​ whois lookup if​ you​ know how and look at​ the​ owners name of​ the​ domain name itself,​ and the​ date the​ sites url was created. This can be done at​ whois dot com.

I have created a​ website that lists all the​ best paid to​ click programs based on​ my real experience with the​ owners. All sites listed are sites where I have had no problems whatsoever or​ they are removed from this list. you​ can read the​ list at:

Make Money Online With Paid To Click Sites

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