Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs

Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs

Broadly speaking,​ affiliate program seems including everything,​ no matter as​ hot as​ pay per click advertising or​ as​ old as​ pay per impression or​ pay per sale or​ lead marketing. So,​ it​ is​ true that all businesses,​ no matter big or​ small,​ are making money online with affiliate programs. the​ doubt is​ only how to​ select suitable affiliate programs to​ make money.

What is​ a​ partner? What is​ an​ affiliate? a​ partner is​ an​ associate who works with others toward a​ common goal. an​ affiliate is​ a​ subsidiary or​ subordinate organization that is​ affiliated with another organization. it​ seems the​ difference is​ there but the​ basic meaning is​ the​ same – for sharing benefit.

For home base business,​ affiliate programs have huge advantages: 1. no hustle and be your own boss; 2. with low or​ even no cost to​ set up; 3. no hard task to​ deal with,​ such as​ customer service,​ shipping or​ inventory management; 4. high income potential and keep running 24 hours a​ day,​ 7 days a​ week,​ no holiday no stop and sales everywhere.

Based on​ individual company’s policy,​ there are some rules that do not allow you​ to​ sign up all affiliate programs,​ such as​ PPC search engines or​ gambling affiliate programs may be not compatible. Meanwhile,​ you​ may know that every company has its minimum payout and commission rate is​ different.

In my personal experience,​ I strongly recommend you​ sign up third party for your affiliate programs. This will bring you​ two major advantages: one is​ save your time; the​ other is​ collecting your money together.

There is​ thousands of​ individual affiliate programs offered on​ the​ internet,​ many being through third party affiliate program networks such as​ Clickbank,​ Commission Junction Linkshare and so on. These companies connect a​ large number of​ advertisers and publishers together via their own network.

As a​ publisher,​ one registration gives you​ access to​ tens,​ even hundreds of​ advertisers simultaneously. Tracking partner performance is​ easy: there is​ only one technical support contact and easier to​ manage,​ like only using one user id and one password. the​ payment is​ received as​ your monthly revenue. Another is​ third party check affiliate programs’ credit and reputation.

Payment thresholds can often be fairly high – a​ $50 US minimum is​ common for international publishers. Finally,​ a​ payment delay of​ two months or​ more from the​ date of​ a​ sale/lead generation can occur often. Not mention some affiliate programs have been known for not fairly treat affiliate to​ track sales and leads properly as​ honestly as​ they could be. Not mention some affiliate programs announce they are not responsible for missing check. Can we ask whether they really send check?

For those big affiliate programs,​ like Google AdSense,​ Amazon,​ you​ may participate directly with their affiliate programs.

How should you​ choose an​ individual affiliate program? My suggestion is​ not to​ choose a​ affiliate program only according to​ the​ payment scheme,​ but rather according to​ the​ kind of​ people who are likely to​ visit your website,​ it​ means relevance. For example,​ if​ you​ are targeting home based business on​ your site,​ links to​ affiliate programs with school recruiting program,​ text-books sale and the​ like may generate less revenue than banners that link to​ paid survey companies. the​ most important rule of​ choosing an​ affiliate program is​ to​ know your target audience.

Another suggestion is​ not necessary to​ join every single affiliate program that comes your way. Some gurus suggest that sites that make the​ most money from affiliate programs are only sign up a​ small amount of​ affiliate programs.

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