Make Money In My What Tips To Reading Through The Hype Of Multi Level Marketing

Make Money in​ My What? Tips to​ Reading Through the​ Hype Of Multi-Level Marketing
Picture this scene.
It could have been written by Rod Serling (The TWILIGHT ZONE™).
A man shows up at​ your door .​
He is​ wearing a​ mask - so you​ can't tell who he is​ .​
He is​ representing a​ business - but he won't tell you​ what the​ business is​ .​
He wants you​ to​ give him $150 to​ become part of​ this business.
The masked man (no,​ not the​ Lone Ranger™) goes on​ to​ guarantee that you​ can make $10,​000 a​ month (after 12 months) with this business - that is​ not yet in​ business,​ or​ you​ get your money back .​
But,​ this anonymous stranger offers no contract .​
You ask where you​ write in​ order to​ get your money back .​
He gives you​ the​ address of​ a​ vacant lot .​
The mysterious stranger continues by saying that you​ need to​ do nothing .​
He will build your business for you​ .​
You ask,​ how? you​ are told that is​ on​ a​ need-to-know basis only .​
And,​ you​ do not need to​ know.
Question .​
Do you​ give this man your $150?
So,​ why do people fall for this exact type of​ scene on​ the​ Net every day?
You have probably received the​ spam .​
New company .​
It's in​ pre-launch .​
He can't tell you​ the​ name of​ the​ company,​ but you​ will have heard of​ it .​
Will be the​ hottest thing this year .​
Get in​ now .​
It's going to​ explode.
Don't fall for the​ whistles and bells of​ bad marketing .​
Here are some of​ the​ telltale signs to​ beware of.
1 .​
Make Money in​ Your Underwear!!!
Just the​ other night,​ I​ saw a​ re-run of​ a​ commercial with Michael Jordan pitching Hanes(tm) .​
I've also seen the​ Victoria's Secret(tm) models,​ both in​ magazines and on​ television (but not often enough) .​
These people make money in​ their underwear .​
They also work hard .​
You and me,​ we would get committed .​
We would get committed to​ a​ home for the​ insane.
Don't believe the​ hype .​
Yes,​ you​ could sit in​ front of​ your computer and work at​ your home business wearing only your underwear .​
After all,​ it​ is​ your home .​
But,​ the​ key is​ - IT'S a​ BUSINESS .​
And,​ if​ you​ don't treat it​ as​ a​ business,​ the​ only person making money will be the​ person who took your money .​
And,​ they wear more than their underwear when they take your money to​ the​ bank.
The line,​ Make money in​ your underwear is​ about as​ old as​ the​ Net itself,​ but it​ is​ still used .​
Don't be the​ fool who is​ parted from his money .​
Real,​ legitimate business opportunities don't bother with this kind of​ misleading hype.
2 .​
Make Money While you​ Sleep! ! ! ! ! !
Re-read the​ previous section.
Yes,​ the​ Net is​ available 24 hours a​ day .​
But,​ this is​ still misleading hype used mostly by get-rich-quick schemes in​ an​ attempt to​ convince you​ that the​ Net will make money for you.
Rule #1 .​
The Net does not make money for you​ .​
It can provide a​ new medium,​ and access to​ many more potential buyers than ever before .​
But,​ you​ must make the​ effort .​
Those who make money from the​ Net while they sleep,​ are those who work hard on​ the​ Net while awake.
Like before,​ it's still a​ business,​ and to​ make money - you​ must work for it.
3 .​
The Number Of !!!!'s or​ $$$$$'s Has No Relationship to​ the​ Number Of $$$$$ you​ Make.
I get messages like this in​ my mailbox every day .​
You probably do,​ too .​
It never ceases to​ amaze me the​ way people write some of​ the​ ads .​
I​ guess they use excessive punctuation to​ make up for the​ lack of​ anything significant to​ say .​
Just because they fell for this - don't you​ fall for it .​
$$$$$$$$$$$$10.00 is​ the​ same as​ $10.00 .​
If their programs were worth joining,​ the​ emphasis would be on​ the​ product - not the​ punctuation.
4 .​
The Dollar $ign I$ Not a​ Letter Of the​ Alphabet .​
Even in​ Bu$ine$$.
Again,​ an​ appeal to​ the​ Greed Factor .​
Because they substitute a​ dollar sign for the​ S everywhere in​ their sales letter,​ they think you​ are stupid enough to​ think this means you​ will make a​ ton of​ money .​
Why not? They were probably stupid enough to​ fall for it .​
Once again,​ legitimate business opportunities don't pull this sort of​ thing .​
Their products,​ and their endorsements allow the​ program to​ stand on​ it's own merit.
5 .​
In the​ old days,​ someone decided that on​ the​ Internet - all capitals was the​ same thing as​ shouting .​
I've never really understood that philosophy,​ but - being in​ all capitals does make it​ much more difficult to​ read .​
Why would someone send an​ important email that 'shouts out',​ I'm not a​ professional.
6 .​
If It's Going to​ __E_X_P_L_O_D_E__,​ It's Probably a​ Bomb.
Enough said .​
If I​ had a​ dollar for every email I've been sent about a​ program that was going to​ explode,​ I​ would have a​ good income .​
On the​ other hand,​ if​ I​ had a​ dollar for each of​ the​ programs that are still in​ business,​ I​ might be able to​ send out for a​ pizza.
7 .​
They're Making So Much Money,​ But Their Email Address is: I'
I just hate it​ when an​ email comes telling me how much money they have made in​ this program .​
And,​ the​ return address is​ a​ free email account .​
Domains can be had for less than $35 per year,​ depending on​ who you​ register with .​
When I​ get these emails,​ they aren't even opened .​
The delete key is​ used.
8 .​
Letters From Legitimate Businesses Don't Begin,​ This is​ Legal Because...
Do you​ really want to​ join some program where you​ have to​ quote or​ misquote) postal regulations in​ an​ attempt to​ convince people what you're doing is​ legal.
Have you​ ever seen Bill Gates hold a​ press conference to​ say,​ What we're doing is​ legal because.. .​
OK .​
Bad example .​
But the​ point is​ - if​ you​ have to​ defend your products legality,​ do you​ really want it​ as​ a​ product?
9 .​
Real Testimonials Have Names,​ Not Initials,​ and....
If a​ testimonial only has a​ person's initials,​ how do you​ know the​ testimonial wasn't just written by the​ person trying to​ take your money? you​ don't .​
Real testimonials have the​ person's name.
And,​ on​ the​ Internet,​ at​ least an​ email address .​
Real businesses with real products or​ services that conduct business in​ an​ ethical manner want you​ to​ contact the​ people who give testimonials .​
These businesses have nothing to​ hide,​ and are proud of​ the​ way they do business.
If you​ don't have a​ way to​ contact the​ person writing a​ testimonial - it​ doesn't matter how good the​ testimonial sounds,​ the​ fact is​ - it's worthless.
10 .​
Real Businesses Have Contact Information.
Would you​ join a​ business where you​ have no real idea who is​ running it? Lot's of​ people do .​
What if​ there's a​ problem? How do you​ contact the​ company? Do you​ contact your sponsor? Do you​ even know who your sponsor is? Don't send your money to​ them,​ unless you​ know who the​ them really is.

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