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So,​ everyone wants to​ know how to​ make money from home 24-7. I must say,​ I am also included in​ that “everyone.” in​ fact,​ I have spent the​ last 3 years of​ my life trying to​ figure out how to​ make money from home in​ order to​ spend more time with my family and doing more of​ the​ things we enjoy. I can honestly say it​ hasn’t always been easy but along the​ way I have learned some very valuable information that has helped me to​ keep moving forward and making more and more money with each passing month. I hope I can share some tips with you​ and also help you​ avoid some common mistakes that most all of​ us seem to​ make in​ the​ beginning stages of​ our quest to​ make money from home.

You see,​ 3 years ago I honestly did not know how to​ send an​ email,​ had no idea what a​ browser was,​ and thought you​ “cut and paste” with scissors and glue. in​ light of​ these things I am totally convinced that if​ I can make money from home,​ anyone can.

How do I get started? What with all the​ hype out there,​ how do I recognize a​ legitimate opportunity from a​ scam? I don’t have a​ lot of​ money to​ invest. Can I still get started? Do I need my own website to​ make money from home? Who’s going to​ teach me what to​ do?

These,​and many more,​ are the​ all important questions we asked ourselves before we got started. in​ fact,​ not having all the​ answers to​ these questions keep most people from ever getting started.

I started with an​ online MLM opportunity. Bad move? Yes and no. Yes,​ I did not make any money. No,​ I did learn to​ spot good opportunities from bad through my own marketing efforts. I took what I had learned and applied it​ to​ marketing good products and services that people actually want and use instead of​ using the​ “arm twisting” tactics I was taught from the​ MLM business. Life became much easier for me and more profitable as​ well. Over time,​ I became proficient at​ affiliate marketing,​(selling other peoples products) and have since developed quite a​ nice income that is​ ever growing. I did this for over 2 years without owning a​ website. Now I have 4 sites and working on​ the​ 5th. Learn all you​ can from good,​ honest online marketers.
Most of​ them offer free mini courses that will keep you​ on​ track.

The truth is,​ making money from home has never been easier than it​ is​ today. the​ internet is​ still in​ its infancy stages and is​ evolving daily. Yes,​ there is​ more and more competition for products and services than there was in​ the​ early stages of​ the​ internet but that can be a​ good thing. I learned early on​ that all you​ need do is​ follow successful marketers to​ the​ people that spend money for those goods and services. Eventually you​ will learn why they are successful marketers and learn to​ duplicate their efforts. in​ some cases you​ will even learn to​ do better than the​ competition and possibly control a​ marketplace.

The basic message here is​ “GET STARTED NOW.” Even if​ you​ change directions down the​ road as​ I did you​ will learn as​ you​ go along. With a​ little research and determination you​ too can make money from home 24-7.

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