Make Money Creating Wedding Memorial Scrapbooks

Make Money Creating Wedding Memorial Scrapbooks

If you're familiar with creating scrapbooks then you​ have a​ work at​ home business waiting to​ be opened in​ your lap. Scrapbooks are a​ wonderful way to​ treasure wedding memories or​ the​ memories of​ a​ lost loved one.

To create a​ wedding scrapbook for a​ client you​ will need to​ attend the​ wedding or​ reception in​ order to​ gather photographs and quotes from family and friends of​ the​ happy couple. For this you​ will need a​ digital camera and a​ small tape recorder or​ notepad.

If the​ scrapbook is​ meant to​ be a​ memorial for someone you​ will need to​ gather photographs of​ the​ person from his or​ her relatives. Try to​ get photos from all phases of​ the​ person's life. Ask the​ friends and family of​ the​ person to​ recall their memories of​ their loved one.

It would be best to​ use a​ tape recorder for this for accuracy. you​ don't want entire chapters about the​ person,​ just words he or​ she said or​ funny events that occurred in​ their life.

Use the​ wedding's theme for the​ wedding scrapbook. Use items from the​ wedding in​ the​ scrapbook,​ pressed flowers,​ ribbons,​ and lace from the​ veil,​ the​ couple's vows,​ and even the​ groom's tie. This scrapbook will become a​ family treasure. you​ want the​ scrapbook to​ bring the​ wedding to​ life each time someone opens it.

For the​ memorial scrapbook try to​ base the​ theme on​ the​ person being honored. What is​ the​ one personality trait or​ hobby or​ quirk of​ his or​ hers that the​ person's relatives remember best? Was the​ person a​ comedian,​ an​ avid fisher,​ or​ the​ scholarly type? Was the​ person a​ proud veteran? Maybe he or​ she was a​ community activist.

Try to​ use small objects from the​ person's life in​ the​ scrapbook to​ personalize it,​ a​ bit of​ cloth from a​ favorite dress,​ favorite flowers,​ awards,​ the​ ugly tie a​ child bought for a​ dad's birthday or​ for Father's Day,​ school drawings made by the​ person's children.

While performing either scrapbook service you​ must remember that discretion is​ of​ utmost importance. For example,​ leave out the​ embarrassing remark the​ bride's aunt made no matter how funny you​ may think it. Don't include an​ ugly quote or​ memory in​ the​ memorial scrapbook. Your clients won't appreciate it.

To advertise your wedding scrapbook service create eye-catching business cards and brochures on​ your computer and leave them at​ bridal shops,​ at​ stores with wedding registries,​ and place ads in​ your local newspaper. you​ might try church bulletins boards as​ well,​ as​ long as​ the​ powers that be don't mind.

For your memorial scrapbook service leave brochures at​ funeral homes,​ place newspaper ads,​ and leave your card with the​ ministers and priests in​ your town. Act with respect and discretion. in​ other words,​ don't hand out brochures at​ the​ funeral.

When a​ client asks about your service it​ would be wise to​ have a​ scrapbook you've already made on​ hand that you​ can show the​ client to​ demonstrate your skill. Your client wants to​ know what he or​ she is​ getting in​ exchange for their hard-earned money.

But how much should you​ charge?

People are willing to​ pay well for a​ truly beautiful scrapbook of​ their memories. $50 to​ $100 isn't unreasonable for the​ work and time you​ put into the​ scrapbook. you​ could charge more for a​ really detailed wedding scrapbook.

Charging more for a​ detailed memorial album would be up to​ you. But it​ might be wise to​ set a​ fixed price for memorial albums,​ for example $50 for a​ small album and $75 for a​ large album.

You don't want to​ seem as​ if​ you're trying to​ gouge the​ mourning family as​ doing so could harm your business reputation. Treat the​ family with respect and do the​ finest job possible on​ their scrapbook. Soon word of​ your skill will spread to​ other people interested in​ having a​ memorial album created.

Put your love for creating scrapbooks to​ work,​ and one day you​ can create a​ scrapbook about your successful business that you​ created one memory at​ a​ time.

Make Money Creating Wedding Memorial Scrapbooks

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