Make Money By Thrift Selling On Ebay

Make Money by Thrift Selling on​ Ebay
Thrift selling is​ exactly what it​ sounds like: selling lots of​ unique items on​ Ebay that were obtained at​ a​ low cost,​ usually at​ thrift stores .​
These items are occasionally worn or​ damaged,​ but buyers like them for their low cost and uniqueness .​
Thrift selling might not sound very profitable,​ but it​ can be – if​ you​ do it​ right!
Thrift sellers have a​ lot to​ do .​
Their business is​ one of​ bulk; they will often have hundreds of​ individual items in​ their inventory at​ a​ given time .​
This makes for lots of​ auction listings .​
Thrift sellers can’t afford to​ lose track of​ their goods or​ their listings,​ so excellent book keeping is​ an​ absolute must .​
If you​ plan to​ sell thrift on​ Ebay,​ use a​ book keeping program that you’re comfortable with .​
Excel is​ a​ good low-frills spreadsheet program .​
Use it​ keep track of​ your stock,​ your auctions,​ and your shipping.
Spreadsheets are also excellent tools for tallying your net profits over time .​
Use them to​ see which items have performed well,​ and which should be replaced.
While you’re organizing your virtual inventory,​ take time to​ organize your physical inventory as​ well .​
You don’t want to​ have to​ dig through a​ messy heap of​ goods to​ find the​ one that needs to​ be shipped .​
Instead,​ use meticulously organized spaces to​ store your products .​
Label each space or​ item with a​ post-it note containing the​ listing number .​
That way,​ you’ll know you’re shipping the​ right item.
On Ebay,​ a​ seller’s reputation is​ vital .​
Since thrift goods are often used items which might have a​ little damage,​ be completely honest in​ the​ item description .​
Disclose any damage the​ item has sustained,​ and include photographs of​ the​ worn or​ damaged areas .​
Specify that buyers purchase the​ items as​ is,​ and emphasize that you​ do not know the​ items’ histories and are not responsible for item failure .​
It might sound harsh,​ but you​ need to​ protect yourself.
Even better,​ come up with your own rating system for the​ condition of​ your merchandise .​
a​ worn corner on​ a​ book cover might be a​ 1 or​ 2,​ while a​ hole in​ fabric might be a​ 5 .​
Use consistency and a​ well-defined rating system so that buyers know what they’re paying for.
There are tools that thrift sellers can use to​ make their lives easier .​
Bulk listers are programs designed to​ make many listings at​ a​ time .​
This is​ a​ real time saver for merchants with hundreds of​ simultaneous auctions .​
Turbo Lister is​ the​ most popular bulk listing program .​
It’s free and available for download on​ Ebay’s web site .​
Other programs are available for low subscription fees.
Thrift items come at​ a​ low price,​ but they can be costly if​ the​ size of​ your inventory leads to​ mistakes .​
Keep everything neat and easy-to-find .​
Use software to​ help manage your listings .​
And give buyers your honest assessment of​ an​ item’s condition .​
Whatever you​ sell on​ Ebay,​ you​ want to​ maintain a​ great reputation .​
Become known as​ a​ go-to seller for quality thrift items and wonderful customer service.

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