Maintenance On A Rental Property

Maintenance on​ a​ Rental Property
Maintenance on​ a​ rental property can be a​ confusing issue .​
Renters may mistakenly assume all maintenance is​ the responsibility of​ the leasing agent and​ maintenance staff but this​ is​ usually not true .​
in​ many cases the leasing agent and​ maintenance staff are responsible for​ maintaining the common​ areas and​ performing major repairs on​ the apartments but the renters do typically have some responsibilities .​
These responsibilities are often defined in​ the rental agreement and​ the renter should familiarize himself with this​ document to​ verify his rights if​ a​ dispute arises .​
Renter Responsibilities
Typically renters have the responsibility of​ maintaining their apartment and​ the surrounding area .​
this​ may include the interior of​ the apartment as​ well as​ deck or​ patio space .​
However, maintenance of​ these areas applies to​ generally cleanliness only and​ not issues such as​ painting or​ repairs to​ the exterior or​ the interior of​ the apartment structure or​ the appliances within​ the apartment .​
Additionally, renters are responsible for​ small repairs in​ their home .​
this​ may include plunging a​ clogged toilet or​ changing a​ light bulb .​
However, if​ there are any duties a​ renter feels uncomfortable performing such as​ changing a​ light bulb in​ a​ high location, the renter should contact the maintenance staff for​ assistance .​
Renters also have a​ responsibility to​ show common​ courtesy to​ other renters by not intentionally damaging or​ otherwise marring public areas .​
this​ includes vandalism, littering and​ even failure to​ pick up after dogs .​
Renters who fail to​ follow these rules of​ common​ courtesy may be subject to​ fines or​ other penalties according to​ the rental agreement .​
Leasing Agent Responsibilities
The leasing agent and​ maintenance staff are generally held responsible for​ major items such as​ repairs to​ the exterior of​ the building, fixing appliances which are malfunctioning and​ dealing with plumbing issues such as​ leaky pipes .​
Additionally, the maintenance staff is​ responsible for​ intervening if​ the renter is​ having trouble with public utilities .​
Problem such as​ no hot water or​ heat to​ the apartment should be addressed by the maintenance staff in​ conjunction​ with the public utilities entity .​
The leasing agent and​ maintenance staff is​ also responsible for​ maintaining the common​ areas .​
this​ may include keeping grassy areas manicured and​ other common​ areas looking clean and​ attractive .​
When the Leasing Agent is​ Not Taking Responsibility
As previously discussed, the leasing agent has certain​ responsibilities to​ perform tasks and​ address concerns and​ complaints by the renters .​
However, when the leasing agent is​ not fulfilling these responsibilities it​ could create a​ harmful living environment for​ the renter .​
for​ example hot water is​ required to​ adequately clean dishes .​
this​ is​ why there should always be hot water to​ the apartment .​
Additionally, in​ severely cold weather the inability to​ heat the apartment due to​ faulty utilities or​ windows which are not properly sealed can create a​ hazardous condition​ for​ the renter .​
Both of​ the examples mentioned above are situations in​ which the renter may put in​ a​ hazardous condition​ by the leasing agent’s negligence .​
in​ these situations the renter should contact the Department of​ Housing to​ determine the proper cause of​ action​ to​ take in​ this​ situation​ .​
in​ some cases the renter may be informed the alleged transgression​ by the leasing agent is​ not actually his responsibility .​
However, in​ other situations the renter may be informed that the actions of​ the leasing agent are a​ serious violation​ of​ the rental agreement .​
in​ either case, the representative can provide information​ on​ how to​ proceed to​ achieve the desired results .​

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