Maintenance Of Atv Tires

Whether you​ are a​ novice ATV rider or​ a​ professional sports rider, you​ may have experienced a​ flat tire on​ the trail. Although having a​ flat tire is​ not a​ scheduled event, you​ need to​ prepare yourself as​ to​ when it​ will hit you.

Flat tires are not an​ event unique to​ all terrain​ vehicles. Fortunately, you​ can easily fix a​ flat tire, so you​ don't have to​ be overly concerned. It's one of​ the easier ATV problems to​ fix.

One of​ the most common​ problems of​ flat ATV tires is​ air leaks. you​ can repair most types of​ flats on​ the trails. However, severe flats should be removed and​ changed by a​ professional.

Fixing a​ flat usually means you​ can continue riding on​ it​ for​ the remainder of​ your​ ride. However, be aware that you​ still need to​ get it​ fixed to​ avoid future problems. you​ will need a​ couple of​ items to​ fix you​ ATV tire. Keep these items where you​ can easily get to​ them when the need arises.

To fix your​ ATV tires, you​ will need a​ plug insertion​ tool and​ a​ reamer, tire plugs, tire pumps, tire repair glue and​ an​ air gauge. You'll also need an​ air gauge to​ measure tire pressure.

Once your​ tires become flat, you​ need to​ find the holes. Putting air in​ the tire is​ the first step. Look for​ object that stuck into the tire, such as​ nails, screws, glass, or​ other sharp objects.

if​ you​ found nothing, you​ should slowly rotate the damaged tire, listen for​ leaks and​ look for​ possible cuts. it​ is​ recommended to​ place some water or​ puddle in​ the tires to​ allow you​ to​ see possible damages. you​ should also check if​ your​ valve stem or​ seal is​ broken.

Once you​ successfully found the holes or​ the cause of​ leakage, use the reamer to​ roughen the hole's edges in​ order for​ the plug to​ hold effectively. you​ should then thread the plug by applying a​ little amount of​ glue to​ the plug. Check to​ see if​ the plug would stay in​ place.

Repairing ATV tires can take some time to​ master because different scenarios apply different kinds of​ plugs. However, regardless of​ hole size, you​ should always allow the glue to​ dry before continue riding your​ ATV. It's a​ simple process, and​ it​ allows you​ to​ finish your​ ride and​ then get the leak properly fixed when you're back home.

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