Losing Your Crowning Glory An Introduction To Hair Loss

Losing Your Crowning Glory An Introduction To Hair Loss

Losing Your Crowning Glory An Introduction to​ Hair Loss
Hair loss is​ a​ very sad occurrence that is​ experienced by people both young and old. it​ has been a​ cause of​ great distress for​ people,​ mostly men,​ not only because it​ greatly affects one’s appearance negatively but also because it​ could be an indication of​ some health problem lying underneath.
Types of​ Hair Loss
The manifestations of​ hair loss encompass a​ wide range of​ expression from mild thinning of​ the​ hair to​ the​ complete loss of​ hair. While people normally shed hair everyday,​ there are cases when the​ head sheds more than the​ usual amount of​ hair,​ and this results into balding. People experience different kinds of​ hair loss
1. Telogen effluvium this usually happens during episodes of​ great body stress such as​ after a​ major operation,​ a​ long bout of​ sickness,​ or​ a​ serious infection. This type of​ hair loss happens usually around two to​ three months of​ the​ stressful period and becomes evident by unusual amounts of​ hair in​ shower sink,​ a​ pillow,​ or​ on​ a​ comb.
2. as​ a​ sign of​ a​ disease loss of​ hair can also be a​ sign of​ an underlying medical condition such as​ syphilis,​ lupus,​ hypothyroidism,​ hyperthyroidism,​ vitamin and mineral deficiency,​ hormonal imbalance,​ and other illnesses.
3. as​ a​ ​Drug​ side effect some medication can cause temporary or​ permanent hair loss. Among ​Drug​s that are known to​ have hair loss as​ a​ side effect are amphetamines,​ warfarin,​ betablockers,​ lithium,​ heparin,​ levodopa,​ among many others. ​Drug​s used for​ cancer chemotherapy are also very known for​ their hair thinning effects.
4. Traumatic alopecia this is​ the​ technical term used to​ refer to​ hair loss due to​ blunt forces such us when using abusive hair styling techniques that subject the​ hair and scalp to​ pulling,​ tight braiding,​ extreme heat,​ and harmful chemicals.
5. Tinea capitis this is​ a​ fungal infection that occurs on​ the​ scalp. With this condition,​ hair breaks off from the​ surface of​ the​ scalp forming patches that lack hair. Children are susceptible to​ this form of​ hair loss.
6. Alopecia areata this type of​ hair loss is​ due to​ unknown causes. What experts know is​ that the​ immune system fights the​ body itself causing follicles to​ weaken and hair to​ fall out. This could result into total hair loss,​ technically known as​ alopecia totalis.
7. Androgenetic alopecia or​ hereditary pattern baldness this is​ a​ form of​ hair loss typically experienced by men,​ running in​ families. This is​ caused primarily by hereditary factors in​ conjunction with male hormones e. g. testosterone and aging. Women may also experience this type of​ hair loss,​ but it​ occurs rather rarely.
Manifestations of​ Hair Loss
A normal head loses around 50 to​ 100 hairs a​ day. Going beyond this range is​ a​ sign of​ abnormal hair loss. Most people discover hair loss when they see unusual amounts of​ hair on​ their brushes and clothing or​ in​ drains of​ their bathrooms.
To diagnose hair loss,​ a​ doctor,​ usually a​ dermatologist would examine a​ person’s medical history,​ nutritional profile,​ and hair styling habits. One may also be tested or​ fungal infection or​ other diseases.
Preventing Hair Loss
Doctors usually recommend having a​ healthy diet,​ decreasing stress,​ and proper hair care to​ prevent hair loss. Doctors also avoid prescribing medication that may cause hair loss for​ people who have evident tendencies of​ getting bald.
Treatment for​ Hair Loss
Hair loss can be treated according to​ the​ cause of​ the​ condition. ​Drug​s that cause hair loss should be discontinued. a​ healthy diet and a​ relaxed lifestyle is​ prescribed for​ stressrelated hair loss. Underlying diseases that cause hair loss are to​ be treated accordingly. Some ​Drug​s that promote the​ growth of​ hair may also be prescribed for​ extreme cases of​ hair loss.
Hair loss can be a​ devastating portion of​ a​ person’s life no matter how people say that it​ hair is​ just an indispensable part of​ the​ body. Knowing about hair loss is​ a​ key step in​ preventing it​ from happening or​ stopping it​ from occurring.
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