Log Home Decorating

Log Home Decorating
Log home decorating is​ perhaps on​ of​ the more fun decorating projects .​
Using a​ cottage theme, log home decorating provides you​ an​ opportunity to​ draw from nature and​ implement some of​ your​ favourite objects .​
if​ you​ are a​ person​ who spends a​ lot of​ time at​ your​ cottage or​ log home, no doubt you’ve started a​ collection​ of​ treasures to​ display .​
Family photos and​ handmade ornaments are popular accessories for​ log home decorating .​
Any object reflecting family memories are great for​ a​ log home or​ cottage.
A log cabin​ is​ a​ home away from home .​
It is​ intended to​ be warm and​ cozy for​ all those who visit .​
Choosing earthly colors for​ paint and​ fabric would help create this​ atmosphere in​ log home decorating .​
this​ environment is​ meant to​ be welcoming and​ cheerful .​
Adding some vibrant colors and​ patterns in​ cushions and​ slip-covers will certainly brighten the space and​ enhance your​ log home decorating.
Usually people try to​ find used furniture for​ their log home or​ cottage .​
you​ many have some unwanted furniture at​ home such as​ a​ chair, a​ table or​ a​ couch .​
Instead of​ discarding them, why not take them to​ your​ log home .​
Flea markets and​ garage sales are great places to​ find amazing furniture to​ use in​ your​ log home decorating project .​
Remember, one person’s junk is​ another person’s treasure .​
Old wooden pieces of​ furniture are perfect for​ log cabin​ decorating .​
you​ may want to​ leave them in​ their original state or​ to​ give them a​ newer look, you​ may want to​ paint them or​ if​ it’s a​ chair, perhaps make nice slip-covers in​ a​ bright floral pattern .​
Besides the mementos you​ brought from home, there are many accessories you​ can use in​ log cabin​ decorating .​
Trying to​ keep with a​ cottage theme, you​ might look for​ baskets made from natural materials that you​ can hang from the ceiling or​ place on​ a​ table, wooden bowls, galvanized tin​ pots and​ buckets, old jars or​ jugs, there are countless objects you​ could use to​ accessorize in​ log home decorating .​
Trying to​ create a​ feeling of​ warmth and​ cosiness, you​ could have handmade quilts in​ your​ log cabin​ .​
Handmade items make wonderful additions to​ log home decorating.
When choosing flooring for​ a​ log home or​ cottage, natural wood such as​ birch, cedar or​ pine, are great choices .​
you​ can leave your​ wood floor in​ its natural form, allowing it​ to​ age and​ remain​ authentic looking .​
you​ can also pick from many beautiful wood stains to​ use on​ your​ floor which will protect it​ and​ also compliment it .​
Area rugs are nice in​ log home decorating .​
Area rugs make a​ space cozy especially when laid on​ a​ wood floor .​
Log home decorating allows you​ to​ be in​ touch with nature and​ all the wonderful materials it​ has to​ share .​
The very structure of​ the building is​ made of​ logs which came from the forest .​
The scent of​ the logs alone, add to​ the natural feeling in​ a​ log cabin​ .​
Log home decorating is​ a​ project that may never be completed .​
You’ll always find something special that can only be appreciated in​ your​ log cabin​ or​ cottage.

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