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Email marketing is​ ranked as​ the​ second most effective means of​ bringing customers to​ your online store. the​ practice of​ buying or​ renting a​ third party email list may result in​ being blacklisted by email service providers because they often view this form of​ distribution as​ spam.

Perhaps you​ understand that email marketing is​ important,​ but you’re not sure how to​ build your list this article will attempt to​ highlight some of​ the​ ways to​ grow an​ organic (home grown) list of​ more accepting email recipients.

Make New Customers Feel Welcome

Inviting new customers to​ sign up for your newsletters or​ promotions is​ something that you​ should always do. Many of​ these customers will feel at​ ease in​ doing so if​ you​ make it​ clear that the​ emails are opt in/opt out. They need to​ know they can stop receiving emails whenever they want.

Send a​ Sample

Send a​ sample email newsletter to​ every contact generated in​ your online business. Assure the​ recipient that this is​ a​ one-time email that will not be repeated unless they opt in. This allows potential long-term recipients to​ see what you​ have to​ offer in​ either promotional sales or​ knowledge-based content without a​ sense of​ obligation. Many of​ these ‘trial offer’ recipients may join the​ list.

Site Based Freebies

Provide site visitors the​ opportunity to​ accept something free as​ part of​ their no-cost membership. This could be an​ ebook download on​ a​ hot topic or​ it​ could be a​ free product sample mailed to​ their home.

Make Liberal Use of​ Autoresponders

Take the​ time to​ prepare a​ series of​ autoresponders based on​ the​ needs of​ the​ customer; this could be a​ Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) guide,​ a​ newletter or​ an​ ecourse. the​ material should be of​ significant benefit to​ the​ recipient and you​ should always provide details on​ how they can sign up to​ receive future emails.

Always Give Them a​ Reason to​ Trust

If you​ make sure you​ put the​ needs of​ your customers first you​ will likely see that reflected in​ positive list building. Customers are constantly looking for sites that give them more than they expect. if​ you​ can provide more they may be willing to​ let you​ earn their trust. Don’t be afraid to​ seek outside help if​ you​ need to​ discover ways to​ make sure you​ are remaining focused on​ the​ needs of​ the​ customer and less on​ high-pressure sales techniques.

List building is​ an​ important step in​ developing quick responses to​ immediate promotions. When you​ seek to​ grow your list organically you​ will find a​ more trusting and motivated group of​ recipients. This combination generally means more online sales.

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