Liquidnet Ltd And Netcom Consulting Inc Join Forces For A Mobile Sms Marketing Venture

Liquidnet Ltd And Netcom Consulting Inc Join Forces For A Mobile Sms
Marketing Venture

LiquidNet Ltd and Netcom Consulting Inc Join Forces for a​ Mobile SMS Marketing Venture
The UK-based web hosting company LiquidNet Ltd .​
( announces that it​ has teamed up with the​ Florida-based mobile solutions company Netcom Consulting,​ Inc .​
( to​ offer its webmasters the​ opportunity to​ enter the​ mobile text message marketing field through the​ recently launched .​
It offers two programs - an​ affiliate program and an​ advanced white label reseller program,​ which will allow the​ webmasters to​ easily create their own branded sites as​ well as​ an​ unlimited number of​ SMS marketing campaigns using Netcom Consulting,​ Inc.'s commercial grade text messaging platform.
The White Label Reseller Program,​ which offers also a​ full line of​ text messaging services including WAP,​ MMS and XHTML,​ provides the​ resellers with a​ feature-rich and fully customizable web-based management panel displaying their own logo,​ which will allow them to​ administer their customers and track their marketing campaigns,​ and which can be accessed from everywhere .​
To initiate a​ permission-based text messaging campaign,​ the​ resellers should collect their opt-in groups by choosing a​ special keyword .​
End users can subscribe and receive SMS coupons,​ alerts,​ multimedia messages and games directly on​ their mobile devices.
This method of​ targeted,​ opt-in,​ permission-based,​ personalized,​ context-driven marketing can be applied to​ almost any business model .​
Beside resellers and webmasters,​ it​ can be also used by various shops,​ restaurants,​ stores,​ and many other establishments to​ target their customers instantly .​
Moreover,​ the​ Mobile SMS Platform can be used by non-profit organizations,​ government agencies or​ schools as​ an​ alert or​ a​ reminder service,​ especially in​ cases when time-sensitive information delivery is​ of​ a​ huge importance.
Today,​ there are about 2 billion users of​ SMS text messaging worldwide .​
According to​ industry studies,​ over 80% of​ the​ cell phone users are willing to​ receive opt-in text messages .​
The Mobile Marketing Association ( claims that over 89% of​ the​ major brands are planning to​ market their services via mobile phones by 2008 .​
Wireless marketing is​ expected to​ be one of​ the​ fastest growing market segments for the​ next 2-3 years.
The reseller programs will become available to​ the​ webmasters currently using LiquidNet Ltd.'s ResellersPanel program ( and web hosting control panels .​
The integration process has begu​n and is​ expected to​ be fully completed by the​ end of​ 2018 .​
Meanwhile,​ the​ webmasters and other interested parties can join the​ programs through
Recent studies have shown that spending on​ advertising over wireless networks will increase with approximately 600% to​ 1.5 billion over the​ next 3 years,​ said Tero Sahrakorpi,​ CEO of​ Netcom Consulting,​ Inc .​
We are very happy to​ be joining forces with LiquidNet and the​ 300,​000 webmasters currently using their services .​
Our goal is​ to​ grow and further bolster our position as​ the​ leading mobile SMS reseller service provider in​ the​ US.
SMS marketing has taken Europe by storm but is​ still in​ its infancy in​ North America - there are less than ten companies offering such services in​ the​ USA and Canada,​ said Nick Blaskov,​ CFO of​ LiquidNet Ltd .​
We know hosting and Netcom Consulting knows SMS mobile marketing .​
This is​ a​ perfect match.
About LiquidNet Ltd.
LiquidNet Ltd .​
is​ a​ UK-based company,​ headquartered in​ London,​ which was established in​ February 2003 .​
It provides a​ large number of​ professional services in​ the​ fields of​ web hosting,​ reseller hosting and domain name registration .​
The project LiquidNet Ltd .​
is​ probably most famous for is​ ResellersPanel - the​ only one completely free reseller hosting program in​ the​ web hosting business .​
On the​ whole,​ the​ number of​ the​ webmasters who currently use LiquidNet Ltd.'s services totals 300,​000.
About Netcom Consulting,​ Inc.
Netcom Consulting,​ Inc is​ a​ mobile text message solutions provider based in​ Coral Springs,​ Florida,​ which offers a​ wide variety of​ products and services geared towards the​ ever expanding mobile audience .​
Established in​ 1996,​ Netcom's team has several years of​ experience in​ the​ fields of​ text message marketing and mobile phone content solutions .​
Netcom's SMS and content delivery platforms have been developed in-house and are being utilized by a​ large number of​ cell phone users.

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