Leather Is A Great Choice In Your Decor

Are you​ tired of​ waiting for​ your​ children to​ grow up so you​ can finally let go of​ your​ tired, worn couch? Have a​ real dining room set? or​ even lighter toned furnishings?

if​ you​ thought that having a​ family meant putting your​ decorating skills and​ ideas on​ the back burner then you​ just haven't been opening your​ eyes to​ the stylish ideas designers use to​ liven up their own homes and​ their client's homes, even with children (and​ pets) around!


Choosing the right material can make all the difference when furnishing a​ home for​ a​ family.

Have you​ always loved leather? Well it's not only great for​ minor spills that are quickly wiped off, it​ also wears well, even gaining a​ beautiful patina with time and​ use. Leather does not collect pet hair as​ a​ cloth couch or​ chair would, and​ crumbs and​ dirt will wipe off easily.

if​ you​ prefer fabric upholstery, think of​ luxurious Ultrasuede. Sophisticated enough for​ even the most formal rooms, it​ looks belie the easy care of​ the material. you​ won't deal with fading or​ staining the way you​ are accustomed to​ with cotton, and​ many stains will come off quite easily with a​ damp cloth.

Do you​ have real ruffians running around? you​ can always count on​ slipcovers if​ you​ need to. Many decorators have used white or​ cream slipcovers to​ good effect, although you​ may consider a​ stripe or​ other pattern to​ disguise everyday wear. and​ because you​ can clean them thoroughly by removing them you​ do not have to​ be too concerned about occasional messes.

Slipcovers also work well on​ fancy dining room chairs and​ can be removed for​ adult-only dinner parties.

Try to​ stay away from delicate materials like silks or​ velvets which stain​ easily and​ are difficult to​ clean.


if​ you​ have small children you​ may also consider choosing soft furnishings, like ottomans, to​ replace hazards such as​ hard edged coffee tables.

Area rugs can be great for​ keeping light colored carpets in​ good shape, but be certain​ they rest flat so children are not prone to​ trip over them. Selecting heavy rugs or​ using a​ special padding underneath to​ reduce movement would be especially recommended when using rugs on​ hard, slippery surfaces.

When choosing wood furnishings, light or​ dark, be sure it​ has a​ protective clear coat so that marks and​ spills do not ruin​ the finish.


Would your​ children really mind an​ 'adult' space in​ the home? if​ you​ make most of​ the home child-friendly, then it​ is​ not outside of​ reason​ to​ create one area specifically for​ adult entertaining or​ relaxing. Giving children a​ small area within​ the adult room where they can read books or​ sit at​ a​ small table for​ quiet games will teach them to​ respect and​ take care of​ nice things. This, along with making reasonable choices for​ the rest of​ the home, allows all in​ the family to​ enjoy their surroundings and​ each other.

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