Learn Yogas Relaxation Technique A Long Lost Art For Rejuvenation

We all know that one of​ the​ necessary things needed to​ keep an​ automobile in​ good condition is​ cooling the​ engine when it​ gets hot.

Well the​ same principle applies to​ the​ human body. When the​ body and mind are constantly overworked,​ their efficiency in​ performing their duties diminishes. Modern social life,​ food,​ work and even play make it​ difficult for the​ modern man to​ use a​ proper relaxation technique for rejuvenation.

An observance of​ nature will show us that animals love relaxation and sleep. They get as​ much sleep as​ they want. Rest and sleep are essential to​ recharge our nervous energy
as our physical,​ emotional and mental balance depends on​ the​ quantity and quality of​ these vital necessities. They are the​ only things that recharge these batteries and allow for the​ proper elimination of​ metabolic wastes.

But just how can one learn a​ proper relaxation technique?

Only the​ corpse pose offered to​ us in​ Yoga can aid modern man to​ recapture the​ art of​ relaxation. in​ order to​ achieve this,​ three methods are used by the​ yogis. the​ three methods are known as​ physical,​ mental and spiritual relaxation.

Physical Relaxation Technique: we​ all know that every action is​ the​ result of​ thought originated in​ the​ mind consciously or​ subconsciously. When we​ want to​ perform an​ act,​ the​ thought is​ generated in​ the​ mind,​ is​ transmitted to​ the​ brain and simultaneously,​ the​ brain telegraphs the​ message through the​ nerves,​ and the​ muscles contract. Therefore as​ we​ can send messages to​ make the​ muscles contract,​ we​ can send messages to​ make them relax.

This relaxation technique is​ known as​ autosuggestion. Commence autosuggestions from the​ toes upwards while the​ suggestion passes through the​ muscles and reaches up to​ the​ eyes and ears at​ the​ top. This is​ performed by saying mentally to​ yourself: “My toes are hereby relaxed; my ankles are hereby relaxed…”

Mental Relaxation Technique: During mental tension one should breathe slowly and rhythmically for a​ few minutes and concentrate on​ breathing. Slowly the​ mind will become calm and one is​ able to​ feel a​ kind of​ floating sensation.

Spiritual Relaxation Technique: However one tries to​ relax the​ mind,​ one cannot completely remove all tensions and worries from it​ unless one goes to​ spiritual relaxation.
This is​ in​ itself is​ a​ slightly demanding but very rewarding practice.

Yogis know that unless man can withdraw himself from the​ body idea and separate himself from the​ ego consciousness,​ there is​ no way of​ obtaining complete relaxation. So from mental relaxation,​ he withdraws himself and identifies himself with the​ all pervading,​ all powerful,​ all peaceful and joyful self,​ because all the​ source of​ power,​ knowledge are in​ the​ soul and not the​ body. Man can only free himself from the​ clutches of​ evil emotions by asserting his true self by stating mentally: "I am that pure consciousness or​ self" This identification with the​ self completes the​ process of​ relaxation.

The method to​ be applied here is​ to​ breathe deeply and squarely in​ a​ ratio of​ 5:5:5 seconds while mentally chanting the​ mantra above. as​ you will observe it​ goes hand-in-hand with mental relaxation after the​ physical auto suggestions are completed.

To get the​ most of​ this practice,​ you should practice this after your poses,​ before going to​ sleep or​ even during a​ break or​ recess at​ work or​ school,​ or​ right at​ your desk.

I always tell people: “Hey if​ it​ is​ said God took a​ break on​ the​ 7th day after making the​ world,​ who are we​ as​ humans not to​ take time out to​ relax?” So to​ recharge your energy and restore you physical,​ mental and emotional balance and strength,​ apply the​ methods above to​ learn how to​ relax the​ proper way.
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