Learn Online Info Marketing And Create Assets That Increase In Value As
Your Income Grows

Learn Online Info Marketing And Create Assets That Increase In Value As Your Income Grows

Can you​ picture yourself as​ the​ owner of​ large quantities of​ land? And on​ your land you​ own a​ variety of​ commercial buildings. you​ have leased out each building with what is​ called a​ “triple net lease”,​ which means that you​ receive all the​ rental income while your tenants take care of​ taxes,​ insurance and maintenance. in​ addition,​ every 3 to​ 4 months you​ create another building,​ for very little cost,​ which quickly becomes leased and adds to​ your income. you​ are able to​ do this for as​ long as​ you​ want to,​ creating whatever income level satisfies you!

Sounds pretty desirable doesn’t it?
But what about the​ “real world”?
Learn Online Marketing and Create “Assets” That Increase in​ Value as​ Your Income Grows!

Virtual Estate

Instead of​ costly real estate,​ did you​ know that you​ can learn to​ create what some have called ”Virtual Estate”? Virtual Estate is​ comprised of:
 Web pages
 Web sites
 Intellectual property
 Information products

These are venues for the​ most valuable property in​ the​ world: INFORMATION.

You can learn to​ provide an​ unlimited amount of​ quality product to​ an​ almost unlimited number of​ interested customers. “Product” can be created or​ obtained for a​ very low cost and made available to​ your customers as:

 E-Books - growing in​ popularity with instant delivery
 Audio Products - presented with the​ intimacy of​ the​ human voice,​ instant delivery of​ a​ portable format
 Video Products - deliver a​ “live” experience for those who prefer the​ visual learning mode

you​ Can Learn to:

 Create quality content
 Present in​ a​ unique manner
 Promote effectively

When you​ have done this,​ you​ will have created “Information Assets”. as​ you​ continue improving your methods of​ creating,​ presenting and promoting your products,​ your income will increase. When your products are producing an​ income stream,​ each product becomes a​ saleable business asset. as​ your income stream grows,​ so does the​ value of​ the​ assets producing your income stream: namely your products!

The greater the​ number of​ products you​ learn to​ produce,​ the​ more income streams you​ will enjoy!

Unless you​ have the​ unlimited land and buildings I first mentioned,​ you​ may want to​ find out more about creating your own “Virtual Estate“!.

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