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Learn how you​ can increase your sales and profits with this brief Q/A (question / answer) session about “Database Marketing.” Then take action and see what results you​ achieve.

What is​ Database Marketing?

It is​ the​ art of​ assembling and storing various pieces of​ information pertaining to​ your customers and prospective customers. Typically,​ the​ information gathered is​ placed into a​ software program that uses databases and is​ stored on​ your computer’s hard drive. Once the​ information is​ assembled,​ it​ is​ then used in​ the​ advertising and marketing campaigns of​ your products and services to​ these people in​ your database. Database marketing is​ thus a​ great way to​ save both money and time,​ because it​ allows you​ to​ focus your promotional campaigns to​ your targeted audience.

What Information Should you​ Be Collecting?

This will vary from one business to​ the​ next. it​ is​ really dependent upon the​ type of​ services and products you​ sell. For example,​ if​ you​ only charge $2.00 for your products,​ it​ wouldn't be necessary to​ gather any yearly income information from your customers. Furthermore,​ if​ you​ sell a​ service,​ such as​ hosting,​ it​ wouldn't be necessary to​ gather any type of​ information in​ regards to​ the​ books they have read or​ want to​ read. the​ basics you​ need to​ worry about would be the​ purchase history and the​ personal contact information. if​ you​ need other information at​ a​ later time,​ that would be up to​ you​ to​ decide what is​ necessary and beneficial to​ your business.

It is​ important to​ understand that you​ cannot ask for nor store any information that is​ sensitive. if​ you​ are unsure as​ to​ what information is​ sensitive,​ you​ should inquire about the​ laws in​ the​ area in​ which you​ live.

How Do you​ Get the​ Information Online?

The hardest part of​ gathering information is​ getting your customers or​ potential customers to​ trust you​ with that information. Many marketers find that the​ easiest way to​ go about getting this information is​ to​ offer a​ freebie in​ return for it,​ with no obligation to​ purchase anything. For example,​ if​ you​ offer an​ ezine or​ a​ report,​ ask your customers to​ take a​ survey to​ receive their free item first. you​ could also offer all visitors a​ free ebook,​ if​ they of​ course,​ fill out the​ questionnaire offered online.

If you​ offer a​ free contest,​ request this information up front. as​ with many areas of​ life,​ if​ you​ give you​ will get.

Using software or​ tools can help you​ keep track and coordinate your databases easily. if​ you​ don't want to​ use software,​ you​ could consider Excel spreadsheet or​ Microsoft Access to​ keep track of​ this information. if​ you​ need to​ gather information or​ create forms,​ some tools you​ might consider include Aweber or​ 1shopping cart.

How Can you​ Use Your Database?

Here are some tips for using your database to​ benefit your business:

1. Request the​ spending habits of​ your customers or​ keep track of​ it. This will help you​ improve on​ the​ overall design of​ your website,​ as​ well as​ aid in​ writing advertising campaigns to​ become more persuasive and targeted for your shoppers.

2. Find out (ask in​ your surveys) what your customers dislike and like about your website and business. This will be helpful in​ making the​ necessary changes or​ focusing on​ the​ positives.

3. Are your customers making good use of​ your products and services? Are they getting the​ help they need when they reach out to​ you? Ask. This can help you​ improve in​ the​ areas of​ your customer service.

4. What do your customers want or​ need in​ regards to​ your products or​ services? This can help in​ testing ideas,​ getting new products,​ or​ adding new services.

5. Build customer loyalty; find out what your customers think about your current services or​ products,​ and how you​ can improve.

6. Ask your customers what features or​ benefits they best like about your services or​ products? This information can be useful in​ sending cards electronically on​ birthdays or​ holidays as​ you​ announce new features and benefits,​ and then explain them in​ announcement messages.

In summary,​ the​ benefits of​ database marketing are virtually endless. Collecting information can only help you​ improve on​ your business while allowing the​ internet to​ be your guide. Give it​ a​ try and see if​ your profits skyrocket when you​ use database marketing to​ your advantage.

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